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Drones And Security Control

Drones have been around for decades, and they have taken many different forms, depending on their desired use. Lately drones have been become commercially available, allowing for almost anyone to own and operate a drone. This adds a new dynamic to security control. Before drones were commercially available, security control was difficult, but it only […]

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Gate Computers Helping To Keep Your Residence Safe

There are several ways you can make your home safer: possibly the most effective being installing certain security measures. If you live in a gated complex, gate computers are a great way to optimize security in your place of residence as well as make it easier for visitors to come around and see you. Find […]

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Why Do I Need a Portable Gatehouse?

Portable gatehouses are a great alternative to permanent structures or even prefabricated ones. They offer an easy, temporary yet trustworthy solution to your security concerns. Be it for an event, business function or purely for your own home, they definitely do the job. They are one of the best options for POA (point of access) […]

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The Benefits of POA Security

An important element of safeguarding your home, business, or property is through POA Security. Broward County’s decreasing crime rate is no reason to become complacent in this regard. Ensuring that entry and exit points are secure and safeguarded is a major contributing element to deterring criminals as well as catching them. What is POA Security? […]

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The Gift of Security

Inter State Security Services Inter State Security is South Florida’s most experienced security service. All our staff are highly trained and licensed by the State of Florida – whether you need uniformed, plainclothes or undercover security we offer a variety of services to meet your needs and budget. We have been servicing and protecting Dade, […]

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The Advantages of the ProxiGuard System

The Best Security Service to Monitor Guard Patrols What is Proxiguard? In the security industry there is an increasing demand for services that merge different needs into one seamless, easy-to-use product. ProxiGuard is a cutting-edge security service that modernizes the guard tour and allows for real-time management from a distance. This tool is essential if […]

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Access Control Solutions

Access Control and Security Guard Services Safety is a way of life nowadays, we need to be on top of things and make sure we have the best access control security guard services to keep our family and businesses secure. We offer access control services to gated communities or estates, businesses, and other developments or […]

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Making the Most out of Security Cameras

Security Guard Services and Security Cameras Have you been thinking about increasing the security of your property, business or other facilities? If so, we recommend you look into installing a CCTV camera security system, if it hasn’t already crossed your mind. CCTV camera systems are effective systems of security used worldwide, and when installed strategically, […]

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ISSC is fully licensed by the State of Florida.
State license numbers B2000009, A2000248.

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