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School Security

School Security

Securing your school isn’t just about protecting the facility from the outside world; it’s also about regulating the school during the day. Of course, external threats should be monitored and prevented, but there are many instances where students can practice and benefit from school security.

School Security Regarding Students

There are several situations where a security officer comes in handy at school.

Reduce Bullying and Fights

When you have security at your school, bullying and fighting between the students is reduced. The presence of a security officer will influence them to be on their best behavior. If bullying and fights do occur, a trained security officer is there to deescalate the situation. Officers will also be there to help mediate any parental interactions after a situation has occurred.

Proactively Identify Issues and Security Concerns

In addition to de-escalation, security can identify potential problems before they happen. You can leave it to the professionals to handle the aftermath of any fights. You will no longer have to rely on teachers and other staff members to handle altercations solely by themselves. When problems inevitably arise, a security officer will be able to handle them effectively. Additionally, they work with teachers to create a safe environment for everyone at the school.

Immediate Help During an Emergency

An often-overlooked benefit of school security is during emergency situations. When an accident, such as a slip, fall, or even anaphylactic shock, occurs, security will be all hands-on deck to get the proper treatment necessary. This will apply to both students and staff.

School security also plays a significant role in the event of a fire, shooting incident, and other drills. It’s something we never want to have to deal with, but at least you can be prepared in the even that something catastrophic does happen. Your security officers will also help create the evacuation and safety plans and help execute them when and if there ever comes a time to utilize them.

Give Students a Positive View of Law Enforcement

As a bonus, exposing your students to more authority figures, you are helping them prepare for the future by giving them a positive image of school security officers and authoritative figures.

Outside Threats

When it comes to threats that come from outside the school, Inter State security guards will create a plan and guidelines in an effort to regulate who enters and exits the building during the school day. The goal will be to prevent strangers from gaining entry into the school and keeping track of non-staff adults who come on the property.

After the school day, when extracurricular activities and sports begin, your school’s security needs to be on guard. Parents, aunts, uncles, or anyone who wants to observe your school’s sports game will enter school property without much detection. A few extra vigilant security guards will keep an eye out to ensure everyone is safe.

It’s also worth mentioning that security officers will be able to notice if something or someone is out of place. As they walk through the same hallways and building every day, it will become easier to spot suspicious bags or new faces.

Unfortunately, you have to think of worst-case scenarios to prevent them. Security could help prevent school shooters, kidnappings, theft, and other crimes. You can avoid the worst-case scenario by having a vigilant and task-oriented security guard on campus. When there is a strong perimeter, it is difficult for anyone to get through unnoticed and unchecked.

Bring School Security To Your Campus

We’ll help your students and staff feel safe and secure in an uncertain world. Our security experts are unarmed and professionally trained. They have experience in first aid, and we complete background checks before any of our guards are put around your children.

Our guards are a soft security measure that allows you to have protection without having aggressive armed guards stationed at your school. Do what’s best for your school and hire security guards. If you have a school in South Florida that needs security, contact Inter State Security today for more information on how to protect your school.

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