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Unmarked Patrol Services

unmarked patrol services

Inter State Security offers unmarked patrol services that monitor your property using inconspicuous roving vehicles. Unmarked patrol services keep watch for all criminal activity, from petty disturbances, such as speeders and illegally parked vehicles, to more serious crimes including property vandalism and break-ins. Unmarked vehicles make it possible for security officers to keep a close watch without advertising their presence and pre-warning potential criminals.

Unmarked Patrol Service Security Officers

Our unmarked security patrol vehicles are manned by plainclothes security officers that are of the same high caliber as our uniformed officers. All our security officers have been through training and are experienced to deal with every type of security issue. Our plainclothes officers are fully licensed. In keeping with our mandate, our security officers are unarmed, but still equipped to handle any security situation

Low Profile, But Highly Effective Security

Unmarked patrols have the advantage of being overlooked by potential criminals. Being incognito gives the officers opportunities to catch potential criminals in the process of committing the crime and being able to call in the authorities, rather than chasing them off to return another day. The element of surprise is a key factor when it comes to homing in on criminals and preventing the potential felony from taking place.

Relaxed Atmosphere Of Safety

All security patrols create safe environments, but unmarked patrols do so inconspicuously. They offer residents the same level of security as a marked patrol, without being a constant reminder that law-enforcers are necessary for safety. Residents or employees have peace of mind knowing that they are being watched over, but without being faced with a constant visual security presence.

Security Protocol: Observe, Deter, Report

Unmarked security patrols and plainclothes officers follow the same security protocol as all our security services: observe, deter, and report.


Inter State Security officers are trained to notice anything out of the ordinary that could indicate the threat of a potential crime. They are highly observant and wired into any subtle changes in the area they are assigned to watch over. If something is going down, they will notice it.


Drawing on years of experience in keeping people safe, our officers will do what they need to, to persuade potential criminals to move on.


Our security officers have established good relationships with the local authorities and will be able to illicit quick action from local police to respond to any security emergency that requires a hard response.

Quick Source Of Help

Even though our unmarked security vehicles are not easily identifiable, our security officers are a phone call away. Residents are able to call for emergency assistance and will be attended to, quickly.

Smart Security Solution

An unmarked patrol service is a smart choice as far as security solutions go for a number of reasons.

Cost Effective Security

Hiring an unmarked patrol service is a cost-effective solution compared to hiring a full-time security guard for your property.

Large Physical Area Covered

A vehicle patrol covers more ground than an officer on foot. Our random patrol routes will ensure that our service cannot be tracked and exploited.

Uninterrupted Security

Hiring an external security company also guarantees no disruption to your security due to sick days, or annual leave. We are at your service, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Who Can Benefit From An Unmarked Security Service?

Unmarked patrols are highly popular among exclusive communities who want top level security that is mostly invisible. Unmarked patrols can cover large properties quickly, and are effective for high class residential areas, synagogues, schools, industrial and commercial properties. They are well-suited to any property or community that desires safety without a constant, visible, reminder thereof.

Is An Unmarked Patrol Service Right For You?

If you’re looking for a highly effective security solution that is discreet and unobtrusive, an unmarked patrol service could be your answer. Our security professionals are available to discuss the logistics of an unmarked patrol service with you. Call our office for a free security consultation.

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