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Uniformed Security

uniformed security

Security officers keep your property under a constant watchful eye, while providing peace of mind for your customers, visitors and staff. Our uniformed security officers are tasked with providing five key services.

The 5 Key Services Provided By Our Uniformed Security Officers

We fulfill the following five basic services for our clients. These services are tailored to meet our client’s individual needs and are adapted to best suit the demands of each situation.

1. Observe

Our security officers are trained to notice any unusual or illegal activity on the premises they’ve been assigned to. Surveillance is done via premises patrols and/or by monitoring a live CCTV feed.

2. Report

They ensure that any unauthorized or criminal activity is reported to the relevant authority. Suspicious or inappropriate activity is monitored and documented.

3. Deter & Prevent

Onsite uniformed security officers provide an effective deterrent against theft, trespassing and vandalism, or other inappropriate activities. Their primary goal is to prevent crime before it takes place.

4. Safety & Emergencies

Our security officers ensure compliance with safety policies. They also monitor and act against safety hazards, as well as take stock of emergency equipment, and respond to emergencies.

5. Customized Security Services

They offer customized security-related services such as locking and unlocking doors at particular times, checking in, welcoming and directing visitors and vehicles, or conducting vehicle searches.

When Do You Need Uniformed Security?

Uniformed security officers are available as a flexible solution that can be adapted to meet the security needs of your organization. Here are some of the ways our services can be customized to specific security environments.

Uniformed Security For Schools

The presence of uniformed security personnel at school creates a safe environment that sets parent’s minds at ease. They provide security and safety for children, personnel, visitors and the school property. The monitoring of access points prevents anyone with harmful intentions from gaining access to the property.

Uniformed Security for Apartments

Uniformed security personnel keep apartment communities safe, as well as maintaining a no-crime zone in the area around the building. They perform regular property patrols to secure the premises, as well as building, and safety equipment, inspections. Access points are controlled and entry to guests and residents is permitted. The apartment’s surveillance footage is monitored.

Hotels & Resorts

Uniformed security personnel at hotels and resorts ensure all service and operating standards are adhered to. They aim to serve the customers with excellence, to uphold and promote the reputation of the establishment.


In a hospital setting, uniformed security guards guide visitors through the correct procedures for traffic control, fire prevention, property protection and other safety protocols. They ensure compliance with legal safety requirements to maintain the stability and reputation of the organization.


The presence of uniformed security officers creates a sense of safety for attendees by being a visible, tangible crime deterrent. Event security officers will respond to disturbances of the peace as well as ensuring compliance with all local, state, and federal regulations.


In a retail environment, security personnel focus on protecting the client’s belongings from theft, assault, fire, and other safety issues.

Licensed And Trained

Inter State Security Officers posses Class D Security Officer License issued by the State of Florida after completing a course administered by a state certified training facility and protect your property, business, customers and employees to free you to focus on your business or event.

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    ISSC is fully licensed by the State of Florida.
    State license numbers B2000009, A2000248.

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