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Select Security Services

select security services

Inter State Security Corporation offers Select Security Services—a superior quality protection service that harnesses the skills of security officers with backgrounds in the military or law enforcement. The years spent in active service give them the edge when it comes to providing a protection service that is unparalleled. These highly-trained individuals bring unique security skills and attributes to the service, which makes them an ideal choice for South Florida’s exclusive communities and high-value developments.

Here are some of the key qualities that set our Select Security officers apart. 

Security Skills & Expertise

Select Service officers come with years of specialized training and expertise in all aspects of security. They bring a variety of advanced skills, and can offer a wealth of knowledge regarding information technology, supply-chain management, public relations, and transportation logistics. Select Security Service officers don’t carry guns, but operate on the observe, deter, and report protocol.

Leadership & Teamwork

Military and Law Enforcement training creates officers who are loyal, respectful, and have an innate understanding of how to work together towards strategic common goals. Through their training, they know how to earn the respect of their peers and work together to create a safe environment for those in their care. Select Service officers are leaders by nature, and able to take charge of situations when necessary.

Decision-Making & Problem Solving 

The ability to react quickly and accurately, while adapting to new information in high-pressure situations, is a vital trait in a security officer: one that is finely honed in ex-military personnel. Operating under severe, high-stress circumstances over many years creates security officers who remain calm and professional in the face of the challenges they’re presented with.

Confidentiality & Ethics

Veterans who have previously worked in a military or security environment typically have high-level security clearance and are able to operate with absolute confidentiality.

Health & Safety

Select Service officers adhere to the highest standards in all aspects of health and safety. Select Security Service personnel are trained to be conscious of, understand, and apply current health and safety protocols for themselves and others. The health and safety protocols form an important part of protecting employees, property, and goods.


Select Service officers also receive training in ethics, which enables them to create an atmosphere of inclusion, tolerance, and safety for those in their care. Inter State Security personnel are committed to carrying out their duties diligently, faithfully, and dependably for the purpose of protecting the rights of others. They adhere to the Inter State Security Corp. policies and procedures with integrity.

Critical Observation Skills

A unique advantage of a security officer with a military background is access to their finely-honed observation skills, and the ability to read situations and people. Select Service officers are dialed in to the undercurrents of their environment, and will act in a preemptive manner should a situation begin to develop.

An Understanding Of Globalization

As technology and communication have advanced, the world has become smaller and increasingly connected. Most Select Security officers will have experience in working with international teams, and often bring overseas experience with them. Along with this experience comes additional language skills, and knowledge of global markets.

Technology Trends 

Select Security Service personnel are trained to understand and apply advanced technology and procedures. They track global security trends and source the most current security solutions for each environment.

Organizational Ability & Attention To Detail

The military embrace precise organization and ordered structure. This trait is carried with them into the security environment. Interstate Select Security officers are trained to be highly observant, and track the finest details of each location and assignment. These two areas of competency work hand-in-hand to produce security officers who excel under all circumstances.

Let Our Select Security Service Officers Protect What Matters

All Select Security officers are carefully selected. They have the experience, training, and knowledge necessary to secure your property and ensure the safety of those in their care. Our robust portfolio of protection services is briefly outlined below. Please click on the links to discover more about each service.

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