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Security Guard Services

security guard services

For over 35 years at Inter State Security Corporation, we have been providing quality protection services to Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties.  We take the level of protection we provide seriously, and you can feel safe knowing that all of our security guards are highly trained and licensed by the State of Florida. Additionally, all employees need to complete an extensive and thorough background check before coming on board.

We offer a range of security guard services in many neighborhoods and some of the largest, high-value developments in South Florida. From traditional patrol services to custom packages of highly trained and skilled tactical teams, we have a wide range of security services to keep your mind at ease, and your loved ones and valuables safe.

What Security Guard Services Do We Offer?

Here is a quick rundown of the different security guard services we provide to help find the protection you’re looking for:

Uniformed Security Officers

Uniformed Security

Our uniformed security officers are the perfect fit for lower threat environments, serving as an extra pair of eyes and ears to keep your property well protected. You can rest easy knowing that all of our Inter State Security Officers possess a Class D Security Office License, and have completed a 40-hour course conducted by a Florida State certified training facility. All officers are then required to pass a written examination, as well as an additional 4 hours of training with a supervisor.

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Select Security Services

Select Security

Our select security service is an advanced offering that can tackle almost any situation and provide protection in areas where there are higher crime rates or night activities. This select security team consists of Law Enforcement, Military, and highly trained officers that have the necessary experience and knowledge to secure your property.

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Uniformed Concierge Service

Uniformed Concierge

This type of service offering is usually for residential buildings that are looking for security-conscious personnel with hospitality expertise. Inter State’s uniformed concierge staff are highly qualified in public relations and hospitality, and are the perfect combination of a friendly face to help residents with package collections, dry cleaning, or taxi calls, as well as security protection for peace of mind.

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Plainclothes Security

Plainclothes Security

These officers are unlike traditional uniformed security guards; they aren’t “dressed” for the part. These officers have the same training and knowledge as our uniformed officers, yet they can provide a more relaxed look to blend in with some of the high-end communities we operate in. These officers are a great fit to ensure your property is secure while giving a friendly and familiar face to residents and guests.

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Undercover Security

Undercover Security

Our undercover security guard offering is most beneficial when you don’t want your home or neighborhood to appear overly monitored, but still want to ensure protection for residents. This type of security is a great way to uncover “inside jobs,” such as figuring out if one of your employees is involved in a theft. Similar to our plainclothes security officers, they can monitor without arousing suspicion and elicit trust from individuals to determine what crimes are being committed, or to prevent a crime from unfolding.

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Marked Patrol Cars

Marked Patrol

Marked patrols provide the perfect solution for larger properties that require constant and obvious supervision. These marked patrol vehicles monitor your property for any suspicious behavior while deterring criminals from considering your area as a target. This type of service is particularly suitable for communities with playground, pool, or clubhouse facilities, where certain individuals might be tempted to enter. These vehicles are equipped with police radios and bright lights for quality surveillance and protection.

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Unmarked Patrol Cars

Unmarked Patrol

This service offering is used when you want the element of surprise. These patrol security guards provide the same experience and training as our marked patrol officers, with the added ability of going undercover. This is perfect for a community that is looking for low-profile yet highly effective security measures to ensure the safety and protection of your neighborhood.

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Security Consulting

Security Consulting

With over 35 years of experience in South Florida, we’ve developed a good idea of what type of security is best for a particular situation. Our team can provide a comprehensive analysis of your property and determine what is needed in terms of security. At Inter State, we can provide a complete evaluation of your property and aim to offer a professional and personalized service to meet your needs.

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Security Consulting

School Security

Keeping your little ones safe is a top priority — especially at Inter State Security. Whether it’s a daycare, a private high school, or a church school, our security guard services can be tailored to meet your needs. Our officers are experienced working with and amongst children, and certified in first aid to ensure the safety of your kids so you can feel confident sending them to school every day.

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Security Guard Services In South Florida

Inter State Security Corporation is a licensed private investigation agency that is experienced in keeping people safe. We are ready to assist you in your personal protection needs and to give you confidence that your family and property are in safe hands.

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