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School Security

9 Ways You Can Enhance Your School Security

Education is the main focus of any school. However, safety is also at the top of the list, and it affects students, teachers, and other school staff members. It’s critical to have school security protocols in place so that there’s a safe environment for students and staff. Here are 9 ways you can enhance your […]

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Ways To Enhance Your School Security

A school’s primary focus is to educate its students. To do this effectively, they need to have school security measures in place that create a safe environment for the learners and staff. These security measures may include access control, surveillance and monitoring, communication, education, and training, as well as safety procedures and policies. Here are […]

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A Security Company’s Tips To Keep Schools Safe

Today, ‘safety in numbers’ has seemingly become a thing of the past and is no longer a guarantee. Children are a vulnerable population and a parent’s biggest concern is their safety. A school environment should be one that provides parents peace-of-mind, knowing that while they’re children are at school, they’re in safe hands. This specific kind of safety […]

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A Safer School of Thought

Using Security Officers to Make Our Schools Safer With the terrible occurrences at Columbine and Red Lake High School, the debate on whether or not security officers should be stationed in schools has been brought up multiple times. Yet many schools still have open campuses and minimal security to prevent events like these from happening […]

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How Safe Are Our Children?

Security Guard Companies Aid School Safety Many schools and colleges are turning to private security guard companies in an attempt to make campuses safer. It’s no wonder when we look at the statistics for school shootings in the United States. There have been 45 school shootings across the country this year. If we include all […]

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