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A Security Company’s Tips To Keep Schools Safe

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Today, ‘safety in numbers’ has seemingly become a thing of the past and is no longer a guarantee. Children are a vulnerable population and a parent’s biggest concern is their safety. A school environment should be one that provides parents peace-of-mind, knowing that while they’re children are at school, they’re in safe hands.

This specific kind of safety concern opens up the need for precautions specific to a school environment, that’s where our security company shines.

Necessary Safety Precautions 

With school environments having so many factors involved, it’s hard to know where to begin. The following list is an attempt at taking the guesswork out and allow schools to focus on what they were created for. These not only create a safer environment for school children but for teachers and administrators too.

  • Securing the Perimeter

    Building a perimeter around the school property is essential. Not only does it help to limit unauthorized entry onto the property, but it helps to create a feeling of safety among the children and staff.

  • Limiting Entry Points

    While one central entrance is best, all entrances should be monitored, regulating visitors and students. In the case that one entry point is not possible, classrooms are advised to have locks.

  • Visitor Management

    In addition to limiting entry points, a system should be set up to manage visitors to the school. This will help to control who enters, and exits, the premises. It could also help to determine the purpose of their visit and if the school is expecting them.

  • Installation Of A Security System

    It is impossible for the staff to be in more than one place at once. There is still, however, the pressure to see everything that goes on during school hours. Security systems allow the school to keep a closer eye on things happening on, in, and around the school property. This can be supplemented with video monitoring and panic alarms. In the case of an emergency, authorities will be alerted immediately, decreasing reaction time.

  • Keys To The School

    It’s a good idea to limit the number of individuals who have keys to the school. By limiting the number of keys handed out, concise documentation can be kept on these individuals.

  • Two-Way Communication

    It is necessary to ensure that all classrooms, both permanent and temporary, have an uninterrupted line of communication with the office of the school. This allows for the efficient exchange of information in the case of an emergency.

  • Technology is Your Friend

    Video intercoms can be used to screen visitors before they are granted access to the school. This will prevent the face-to-face interaction of school administrators with individuals’ poor intentions.

  • Reassess Security Measures

    The world of security technology is continually advancing. This means that there is always a more effective way to protect the learners and staff. Essentially, the perfect security plan will need to grow, ultimately be flexible with the school.

  • Ensure Knowledge of Current Safety Measures

    When everyone involved is on the same page and aware of current protocols, they can be followed seamlessly if needed.

These seemingly simple, yet incredibly vital precautions proposed to highlight the need for schools to focus on safety, not only for students but for all parties involved. A school that focuses on safety as a priority will not only promote the physical health and well-being of students but will create a positive learning environment too.

Allow us at Inter State Security to help, so that staff can focus on enriching young minds and be concerned about their safety.

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