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Hiring Elite Security Services For Your Protection

Along with the increase in crime and theft, the need for protection services for your home becomes critical. Inter State Security offers elite security services for home developments, with first class services and security systems that are specifically suitable for your home! Having served clients since 1985, we have the experience, knowledge and quality training […]

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Ethics And Professional Conduct Of Security Guards

Security companies and guards are becoming an ever more present part in our daily lives. We see them when we go to work, at homes, at shops, pretty much all around. In the modern world, people and businesses are always looking for ways to secure their assets and security guards have become one way in […]

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How To Counteract Employee Theft

Employee theft is an unfortunate occurrence that every business owner should be concerned about. Typically, employees who steal are those who have been working for the business for several years before they start to perform this illegal activity. Three years is the average amount of time that this goes on before the person is caught, […]

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Access Control Options

In a business or condominium where there are many people entering and exiting the building or certain areas within it, security can be a major issue. Access control is a security measure that allows for the selective restriction and control of persons allowed to enter a place. There are various types of access control options, […]

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The World Wants Security Services

A security service is about more than just safety. Peace of mind, a trusted system in place, and preventative measures in the event of an incident are just some of the numerous benefits that come with hiring a security service for your property or business. Below is why the world wants and needs security services. […]

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Does Your Business Need More Security Control

Nowadays, security control is essential to running a successful business – everyone is much more security conscious and for good reasons. Retail stores are still experiencing shop lifting and unfortunately some are even faced with armed robbery. Service companies are seeing break-ins, which result in loss of expensive equipment and even more important, document theft […]

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What Makes A Good Security Officer?

A security officers job is extremely important – keeping an eye over people or goods that have been trusted to their supervision. Therefore, the skills required to be a security officer are important, necessary, and should never be overlooked. At Inter State Security Corporation we take pride in our trained offices and make sure they […]

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Uniformed or Undercover Security – Which One Do I Need?

Deciding on whether to hire an undercover security guard instead of a uniformed one may seem obvious and easy, but you need to consider all the options carefully before deciding on one or the other. Both can be extremely useful for different occasions, so make sure which one it is you need. The first thing […]

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ASIS Annual Seminar – The Premier Event for Security Professionals

Inter State Security Corp is proud to serve South Florida for all their security needs. We endeavor to keep up to date on all the latest industry advancements ensuring that our services are on the cutting edge.  As a professional security company, we are constantly on the look out for security information and tools needed […]

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Handling Rowdy Guests With Condominium Security

A condominium, where multiple residents share a living space, is a place where security should be the top priority because of the shared nature of the complex. More often than not, the condominium will have a board of persons who are entrusted to take care of, and deal with, administrative issues, to the benefit of […]

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ISSC is fully licensed by the State of Florida.
State license numbers B2000009, A2000248.

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