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Tips For Undercover Security: Managing Large Events

Gathering large crowds of people will always create a high security risk environment. Sometimes the presence of uniformed security at a social event may be too intimidating. Consider undercover security as an option. Undercover security officers blend in and keep an eye out for anything that would put the guests at risk. They act quickly […]

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Hire Professional Security For Your Summer Event

More and more people are getting the COVID-19 vaccination. This means that life is somewhat starting to get back to ‘normal’. People are traveling again and going out more while feeling safer doing so. For event planners, work is starting to pick up, and just thinking about it may form knots in your shoulders. Organizing […]

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Security Tips For Vacation Season

Security tips for your home during vacation season comes in many different forms. Holidays are for relaxing, putting your feet up, and catching up with life. You can’t do that if you’re worried about the home you left behind. The facts are clear, security systems are important. Potential burglars love vacation season as empty homes […]

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Security Tips For Preparing For A Hurricane

South Florida residents and property owners understand the benefits to living in the Sunshine State with its green landscape and tropical coastline. There is however a downside to life in paradise with its annual rain and hurricane season from June – November. Residents may ask, what if there’s an approaching storm or hurricane? How do […]

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Why Hire A Security Consulting Company?

Security consulting can seem like a luxury service reserved only for a handful of top facilities, but the facts speak for themselves. A security consulting firm provides many services that will complement your current security systems. While all forms of security are non-revenue producing expenses, a security consulting company’s value far out ways the cost. […]

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Inter State Security: Comprehensive Security Service

Have you hired a security service company before, and had that gut feel like something wasn’t quite right? There is a level of confidence that you need when it comes to hiring the right security service. It could cost you time and money to hire the wrong crowd. At Inter State Security, we offer quality […]

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Why Security Guards Need To Stay Informed And Be Prepared For The Worst

A security guard is the first line of defense between potential security risks. To do their job well involves much more than just being a security presence. It also requires them to stay informed and be aware at all times. How Important Is Information For Security Guards? Different types of information help a security guard […]

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The Benefits Of Hiring A Security Consultant For Your Multi-Family Property

Security consulting is a niche service. It involves making effective recommendations to heighten the safety of your business, home, multi-family property, or condo. A security consultant makes recommendations that are specific to the needs of the client by assessing the level of risk. Security measures differ for every building, and there is no “one size […]

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What Does An Access Control Security Officer Do?

An access control security officer provides an extra sense of security and safety to everyone; whether it’s for communities, customers, employees or you and your family. Making sure everything is safe and secure is an integral part of a security officers job description. An access control officers job is essentially to control access to certain […]

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Hire Professional Private Security For Your Event

A large gathering of any kind comes with a security risk. It is for this reason that when you are planning an event, the budget for a private security company should be at the top of your list. Why You Should Hire A Private Security Company For Your Event The main role of private security […]

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