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Don’t Place All Your Trust In Smart Home Security

With every technological advancement, new challenges loom threatening the true success of our advancements. Today, home owners can do the previously unimaginable and can control everything from the temperature of their houses to their alarm system from their mobile devices. These Internet of Things (IoT) systems have improved our daily lives and brought convenience to […]

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All Hospitals Need Effective Security Services

One of the biggest concerns of every hospital is patient safety. A big part of patient safety has to do with medical issues, like medication and diagnostic errors. However, hospitals are also targets for opportunists looking to prey on vulnerable people or stress ridden visitors on edge waiting for news of their loved one’s status. […]

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A Security Consultant’s Tips For Crime Prevention Strategies

They old saying is true “Prevention is better than cure” is especially true when it comes to crime. The best way to make sure you are not a victim is meticulous preparation to prevent yourself or business from being a target. If you follow these steps from our security consultants, you will have a better […]

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Day vs Night Condominium Security

If you thought, like so many others, that most burglaries occur at night, you are wrong! It has been shown that 65% of burglaries in fact occur between 6am – 6pm, with prime time being 10am – 3pm. Why, you ask? Well most burglars are nonviolent opportunists who prefer to have access to your home […]

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What Is Private Security, Really?

Private security is becoming more and more common in today’s society. Everyone desires to feel safe and with the inclusion of private security services you are one big step closer to achieving this. Private Security consists of a couple of different aspects. Let’s have a look at these to see how it works, and what […]

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The B-All & End All Of Portable Gatehouses

Portable gatehouses can best be described through the following features: Ideally constructed for temporary, interim, as well as permanent use. Take up less space than permanent structures. Are ready to use, no assembly needed. Our portable gatehouses are also fitted with electric points and air-conditioning. This makes them readily suitable for any extra security equipment […]

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Who Really Uses Security Officers?

If you are asking yourself “Who ACTUALLY uses security officers?” here are some factors that will help guide your understanding. People who make use of these services are people with the following factors at play: They have property in various forms that they want to protect. They want that protection to be serving their interests […]

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The Impact Of Uniformed Security

If you own property which is used by the public, clients, or patrons, then uniformed security is by far one of the best investments you can make for your property. Creating a certain image for your business or institution is important, and having uniformed security is one of the ways that you can help the image […]

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The Benefits Of Security Patrol Services

In an ever-changing world, the need to protect yourself, your loved ones and your economic interests is constant. Over the years many people have relied on security companies and their specialized security services such as uniformed officers, access control or patrol services to help protect those important things. Many individuals and businesses rely on patrol services as […]

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How Security Consulting Can Help Lower Insurance Costs

According to information from FBI, a burglary occurs around every 15 seconds in the US. In addition to this, properties without security systems are three times more likely to experience a burglary than those that have an active security system. It therefore makes sense that insurance companies are willing to lower their monthly premiums when […]

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