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How To Become A Security Officer In South Florida

So you’re thinking of becoming a security officer, but what does the job entail and how do you become one? Security officers are vital members of their community. They train to handle any situation in a safe, calm, and quick manner. They must observe, protect, and patrol the property or area they’ve been assigned to. […]

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Is Your Hotel Missing A Security Presence?

If your hotel is missing a security presence, you run the risk of damaged property and attracting harms way to not only you, but your visitors. Learn about why hotel security is important and how it can benefit you and your guests. Why Your Hotel Needs Security Hotels can be a target for criminals, especially […]

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Why Opt For Unarmed Security?

Keeping your business property and everyone safe while on the job is a top priority, but determining the proper security for your business, whether armed or unarmed security, is just as important. As you could have guessed, there are distinct differences between armed and unarmed security and it’s important to hire the right people for […]

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Looking For Security Officers in Miami?

Finding the best security guards for your company may seem like a daunting task. We created this list of questions for you to ask potential security companies. You may want to call them in advance and ask the following questions before making a decision about which security officers in Miami to hire. Here’s our list […]

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A Complete Home and Property Security Checklist

A home is the largest investment for most people and it’s important to protect that investment. Going away on a vacation or simply leaving your home for a few moments gives the perfect opportunity for a burglar to target your home to steal your valuables. Here’s a complete home and property security checklist for you […]

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Be Proactive With Your Home Security

According to the FBI, a staggering 60,5% of crimes committed in 2021 were crimes against property, such as break-ins. As a homeowner, there are ways to be proactive with your home security that can help prevent you from becoming part of those statistics. With a few simple adjustments, you can take your home off a […]

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The Benefits of Adding Campus Security

Professional campus security can be beneficial to a variety of people, not just students and college! Everybody wants to feel completely at ease in whatever their environment is. Nobody wants to be looking over their shoulder while walking to your destination. This is why on-campus security personnel should be utilized on a regular basis. With […]

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Are You Ignoring The Problems With Your Current Security Company?

Is it time to reconsider the security company you’ve hired for your business protection? As we enter a New Year, you might be looking at some of the business costs on your current budget. If there’s one resolution that many business owners make, it’s to cut the fat on operational and overhead costs. It’s also […]

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The Benefits of Condo Security

With our beautiful beaches, fascinating attractions, and gorgeous weather, it is no surprise that condominiums are one of the most popular housing options for South Florida residents. Whether living here full-time or part-time, condos offer people flexible living and several benefits. One of the main attributes people look for is great condo security. Here, the […]

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9 Ways You Can Enhance Your School Security

Education is the main focus of any school. However, safety is also at the top of the list, and it affects students, teachers, and other school staff members. It’s critical to have school security protocols in place so that there’s a safe environment for students and staff. Here are 9 ways you can enhance your […]

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