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Concierge Companies Representing You

If you are running a company that deals with customers face to face and would like to care for their needs without sacrificing the valuable time of yourself or your employees, it may be worth hiring from a concierge company. The services of a concierge are specific to this role, and will help streamline your […]

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What Are the Advantages of Private Security Companies?

Amongst the stress and responsibilities that come with running a company, crime is a reality that many businesses and property owners have to face. Unfortunately the safety of your business cannot rely solely on public security forces – such as the police – whose main concern is to maintain the welfare of the public as […]

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Why You Need Private Security Contractors

We all know that there are many people out there with bad intentions and with these intentions come threats to ourselves, our homes and our businesses. It is for this reason that many people are looking to  private security contractors to help them secure themselves and their property.  However, it is important to consider whether […]

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Implement Access Control with a Security Officer

There are many threats facing our homes and businesses these days so security has to be one of our main priorities. It may therefore be beneficial to consider implementing access control security officers and services. What is access control? Access control or AC as it is often known, is a primary feature or aspect of […]

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The Benefits of POA Security

An important element of safeguarding your home, business, or property is through POA Security. Broward County’s decreasing crime rate is no reason to become complacent in this regard. Ensuring that entry and exit points are secure and safeguarded is a major contributing element to deterring criminals as well as catching them. What is POA Security? […]

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Security Control Tactics for Your Business

Your business is more than just a means to an end. It’s your livelihood—which is why it’s all the more important to have security control measures in place to ensure the protection of your assets. From boundary security systems and 24-hour patrols to computerized equipment, a variety of options are available—but which one to choose? […]

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Dropping The Bomb on Private Security

Private Security – The Investment For Protection Recently, there have been threats made at Jewish Community Centre (JCC) schools across the country on a mass-scale – and the need for private security is becoming more mandatory. Bomb threats are not to be taken lightly. Making bomb threats is a serious crime, and incurs serious penalties. […]

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Stadium Security

Security Officer Companies Secure Your Stadium Event Consider the variety of events that are held at stadiums – international sports matches, live concerts, and political rallies to name a few. Now amidst all the excitement, chaos and heightened emotion, consider the possibility of danger and the extent of which things can go wrong without the […]

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Find The Right HOA Security Company

Finding the Best HOA Security Company Checklist Inter State Security Corp is a security company in Florida who provides security services to Dade, Broward amd Palm Beach counties to ensure your property is protected with quality officers and service. They can help you in finding the right security for your Home Owner Associations (HOA). Finding […]

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Shoplifting Prevention

Beat Shoplifting with Inter State Security Officer Services Shoplifting is a crime that is very common today, especially in big busy supermarkets where it is easy to sneak out among the masses of others without being noticed. Even with all the latest security equipment, such as advanced CCTV cameras, shoplifting still happens. If your business […]

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