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If you are running a company that deals with customers face to face and would like to care for their needs without sacrificing the valuable time of yourself or your employees, it may be worth hiring from a concierge company. The services of a concierge are specific to this role, and will help streamline your time so that you may concentrate on work, yet still give your customers top quality service with your brand on it.

A concierge is a person who used to take on the role of housekeeper, generally in hotels. However they have slowly increased their scope to working in hospitals, small and large businesses, and are even used for personal use.

The flexibility of a concierge’s services make them an asset to many companies because their services may be tailored to the specific needs of the company. In hotels a concierge will stand near the front desk and act as a console for customers to arrange transport, book tickets to events, or find out about the area. They may also do laundry and run small errands, making them useful in businesses that are in need of someone who is able to spend time doing the smaller tasks that would take too long for other employees to complete. They may also make deliveries and will take a proactive role in ensuring daily affairs run smoothly.

An appealing advantage of a concierge is the human interaction they provide to customers. The serve as the front line of a business and the friendly face of your company. Many people will prefer a friendly face rather than a confusing device or using the telephone. Some people don’t have the aptitude for finding restaurants in the area or good deals on transport, and would prefer to ask someone with knowledge of the area. A good concierge will be helpful in all these matters, and will know when to follow up with information that may be lacking on their part.

For these reasons a concierge company will be advantageous to use, as they will have people trained specifically for working with customers and finding information. By being part of a company with a reputation to uphold, they will also ensure that when they work for your company they will do so with the utmost respect for your brand and your needs, making sure to keep your company values as a top priority. Hiring from a company ensures your concierge will have the specialized skills readily available.

Additionally, if you use the concierge services of a security company, your concierge will also be able to act as a security measure at the entrance of your company. They may use CCTV cameras or require visitors to sign in, and the concierge will be able to do so professionally due to their training. They may also assist to the safety of the customers by keeping valuable items or organizing security lockers for them during their stay at a hotel or resort.

Good concierge services have all the skills required to look after the daily customer care of your company. Having a concierge lets people who walk through the door know that you care about them and have someone ready to aid them at any time. This is highly beneficial because often people are not good at dealing with demanding customers, and having a polite professional look after them shows them that you uphold your values seriously and work hard to ensure you maintain a good name. The difference between walking into a building and being left to fend for yourself, compared to being greeted by a helpful concierge that offers to take care of you, will make the world of difference in your customer’s eyes.

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