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Gate Computers Helping To Keep Your Residence Safe

gate computers

There are several ways you can make your home safer: possibly the most effective being installing certain security measures. If you live in a gated complex, gate computers are a great way to optimize security in your place of residence as well as make it easier for visitors to come around and see you. Find out more about this access control system, and see how it could help improve the safety and convenience of the premises of your home!

What Is A Gate Computer?

This is a modern access control system that allows for easy recording of information relating to visitors or people who enter the property through the entrance gate. Installing a gate computer into your housing complex will prevent any confusion relating to the time, date and personal details (such as name and car registration) of any person who enters the premises.

How it works is that the gate computer is installed in the security hut next to the gate. Upon the arrival and departure of a car, the security guard will request certain information from the visitor, and then record it in the computerized system which will also note the exact time and date. The system can then print a daily entrance pass for the visitor, allowing them access into the property. For regular visitors, such as family members or close friends, their names and information can be added to a list, allowing them to enter freely without any hassle.

How Will Gate Computers Keep My Residence Safer?

Because visitor information will be securely recorded in a computerized system, residents will be able to refer back to any of the recorded details, activity logs and incident reports they may require at any point. This ensures you can always know who, when and why anyone is on the property. Additionally, for further security, a high-quality camera can be placed near the gate and connected to the gate computer system. This camera can capture data such as license plate numbers in photographs, which automatically sends to the computer and means that the security guard need not leave the gatehouse. Information can be obtained much more efficiently, saving everyone time. A gate computer:

  • Eliminates paperwork
  • Allows somebody entry only once a pass has been printed out
  • Captures relevant visitor information in a hassle-free way
  • Allows residents to refer back to data
  • Allows close family and friends to enter easily, if placed on a special list
  • Saves visitors and security guard time and effort

What Other Security Equipment Does Inter State Security Corp Have To Offer?

In addition to the modernized gate computer, there are a variety of other measures you can put in place to help improve the safety and security of your home or residence. Consider implementing some of these options before an incident or crime takes place! It is much better to be preemptive and precautionary than wait until something bad happens before you take preventative measures.

  1. Portable Gatehouses

    The highest quality, durable and comfortable gatehouses made from steel or aluminum that can be fitted with air conditioning or heating.

  2. SOS Systems

    Security Online Solutions system. A user-friendly technological system used by Inter State Security Corp allowing you to stay aware of what your security guards are doing (their clock in and out times and their location).

  3. Camera System

    CCTV camera technology ensuring maximum coverage.

  4. Gate Arms

    Block immediate entry of visitors until permission is granted to enter.

  5. Barcode Readers

    Aimed at properties that have cars entering or exiting continually. Using laser technology, the entry systems reads barcodes and consequently allows or denies access based on pre-selected permissions.

  6. Burglar Alarms

    Full-service residential or commercial alarm systems and installation.

Protect yourself today, instead of waiting until it’s too late! For any security issues, installations or equipment you may need, do not hesitate to call Inter State Security Corp on 561.732.1380 (Palm Beach); 305.949.1142 (Miami Dade) or 954.753.4700 (Broward).

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