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The Benefits of Marked Patrol

marked patrol

Security presence within an area can increase the general feeling of safety immeasurably. When hiring private security for patrol, you can choose between marked patrol and unmarked patrol. The type of patrol you choose will be largely determined by your reasoning for security. But what exactly is marked patrol?

Patrol, an expedition where watch is kept over a certain area at regular intervals, can be done by foot or vehicle. It is often under debate as to whether security should drive a marked patrol vehicle, or unmarked. A similar discussion occurs when deciding on uniformed or plain-clothed security around residential premises, companies and events.

In addition to a marked patrol vehicle, uniformed security provide similar advantages by creating awareness of the security presence.

What Are the Benefits of Marked Patrol?

The largest factor is how marked patrol can influence the general atmosphere of safety.

  • Authoritative Presence

    Marked patrol conjures up an image of authority and professionalism. The job of the security is clear, and their presence is felt. When this authoritative presence is evident, people are more likely to respect both the property and personnel.

  • Deterrence of Potential Crime

    When criminals scout an area, they look out for any obstacles of security. Marked patrol is a great crime deterrent as criminals are most likely going to choose a home, business or community that does not have as prevalent security.

  • Atmosphere of Security

    Having marked security increases peace of mind amongst the public and community. Knowing that the area is being watched by trained professionals can make all the difference in general impression of security. There is also the knowledge that if there is any trouble, there is security to solve it in a professional and experienced manner.

  • Vehicle Patrol

    The mobility of vehicle patrol allows for better security coverage of large properties. The vehicles can cover more ground at a greater pace, alerting every one of their presence. By enhancing the visible security presence, the risk of people taking chances is reduced. For larger properties and areas that require a presence of security, marked vehicles are the perfect solutions. Potential perpetrators are put off by the marked vehicles monitoring property, and the general public and residents feel at ease.

When to Use Marked Patrol

Marked patrol is great for any instance where a regular presence of security is needed, especially over a larger area where ground needs to be covered. In addition, roving patrols can reduce the crime rate whilst taking the pressure off the residents.

  • Residential

    Your residential area is a place that you should feel safe and secure. The presence of marked security on patrol means that you can sleep soundly at night with peace of mind, knowing that there is a crime deterrent and someone available in case of emergency.

  • Businesses

    Marked patrol in a business environment improves the appearance of security around your business. This can directly impact the atmosphere of trust and safety associated with your brand. The visible presence of security may even result in people choosing your business over others.

  • Events

    The skilled security that comes with marked patrol is a huge advantage when it comes to crowd control, conflict management, threat identification and creating an assertive presence of security. When there are masses, situations can easily get out of hand.

Marked patrol has benefits when wanting to create an obvious presence of security. Crime is deterred and the public’s trust in safety of the environment is boosted. The advantage of having highly trained and experienced security officers underneath the uniform increases the trust even more!

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