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A Security Company’s Tips To Keep Schools Safe

Today, ‘safety in numbers’ has seemingly become a thing of the past and is no longer a guarantee. Children are a vulnerable population and a parent’s biggest concern is their safety. A school environment should be one that provides parents peace-of-mind, knowing that while they’re children are at school, they’re in safe hands. This specific kind of safety […]

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Increase Office Security With A Monitored Alarm System

The presence of an office alarm system creates a great security benefit. But if it’s not a monitored alarm system you might be missing out on a vital service. Think of when last you heard an alarm go off in your neighborhood. Did it phase you? Did the thought of going to investigate even cross […]

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Cover All Your Bases With Smart Security Services

With the rise of technology and automation, it is no surprise that the security industry is also starting to include technology. Even though there are some smart home security facts to consider before getting one, they are quite popular. While both security automation and conventional methods have their positives, the best way to protect oneself […]

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Why Hotels Need Security Services

The most important thing that guests are concerned about when staying in a hotel is safety. If families feel like they’re in a safe environment, their experience is automatically better. ​​​​​​It is the responsibility of hotel management to keep their guests and staff safe while on the property. It is for this reason that many […]

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The Future Of Digital Security Camera Surveillance

Think about when last time you were at a public event. Did the presence of uniformed security guards and marked patrol vehicles make you feel safer? Visual security measures can give you a great sense of security and added peace of mind, especially when there are large crowds. However, what about the instances where activities […]

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Traveling Safety Tips From The Professionals

As exciting as traveling can be, we also know that it can be a little nerve wracking at times. Staying safe when you’re alone in a foreign or unfamiliar environment can really help to give you peace of mind. Here are some great safety tips to help ensure that your next traveling experience is a […]

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One Size Does Not Fit All When It Comes To Security

When deciding to either add to or update the security in your business, neighborhood, or condominium, it can feel daunting to try figure out exactly what security plan you want to implement. That’s where consulting comes in. A professional security consultant will do all the thinking for you, and will give you sound advice about […]

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Workplace Safety: Tips To Recognize A Disgruntled Employee

According to research by Gallup, 70% of employees are showing up to work uncommitted and disengaged. What’s more, 18% of employees are actively working against their employers due to being so unhappy in the workplace. A disgruntled employee is more serious than you think, as although 18% might not seem like a lot, that one […]

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Don’t Place All Your Trust In Smart Home Security

With every technological advancement, new challenges loom threatening the true success of our advancements. Today, home owners can do the previously unimaginable and can control everything from the temperature of their houses to their alarm system from their mobile devices. These Internet of Things (IoT) systems have improved our daily lives and brought convenience to […]

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All Hospitals Need Effective Security Services

One of the biggest concerns of every hospital is patient safety. A big part of patient safety has to do with medical issues, like medication and diagnostic errors. However, hospitals are also targets for opportunists looking to prey on vulnerable people or stress ridden visitors on edge waiting for news of their loved one’s status. […]

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