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Security Services You Can Count On

The security services provided by Inter State Security Corp offer a wide range of solutions that are perfectly designed to meet your specific security needs. With over 35 years of experience providing security to the Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties, we cover all the bases. Whether you need a concierge, a security officer, a […]

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Hiring Professional Security Makes A Difference

We all know that criminals love easy targets, this is why hiring a professional and licensed security company for your business is one of the best moves, you as a business owner could make. Professional security companies will have no problem making sure that your security plan is tailor made for your business. They also […]

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Security Control With Inter State Security

We cannot talk about the importance of security services enough. Unfortunately, law enforcement cannot see to every security need your home or your business has. This may require you to seek out additional reinforcements to ensure safety remains a priority for your employees or your family. Your option? Private, specialized security control with Inter State […]

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Why Choose A Private Security Company?

In today‚Äôs world, one can never be too prepared or careful when it comes to the security and safety of your business, employees, and customers. This is when private security companies can be very helpful. Private security companies are often hired by different business owners to help deter thieves, protect their business, their employees, and […]

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What Does A Security Consultant Look For When Evaluating A Property?

A security consultant evaluates a property by assessing and identify areas that make it vulnerable to potential intruders and provide easy opportunities for crime. Security consultants will also offer tips for crime prevention strategies. Security Evaluation 101: What Areas Are Assessed? Lighting Is there sufficient lighting around the outside of the building, or are there […]

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How Security Officers Can Help With Loss Prevention

In every business, loss prevention is a top priority, especially within the retail environment. While technology has improved security monitoring, security officers are still the go-to for a quick and vigilant reaction to possible theft and assisting in maximizing loss prevention. What Causes Retail Shrinkage? There are mainly four types of shrinkage which a loss […]

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Why Consider A Private Security Contractor?

It takes one bad experience for a business owner to fully understand that adequate, competent, security is an absolute necessity to keep their premises, customers, and employees safe. There are basically two options available for business owners when it comes to hiring security. Employ a security guard internally. Hire a private security contractor. Many business […]

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Inter State Security: An Elite Security Officer Company In South Florida

Are you requiring certain services but not sure if a security officer company are the people to hire? Have you heard conflicting accounts of the pros and cons of having a security officer on your premises? Inter State Security Corp can probably answer your questions and attend to any security need you may have, but […]

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Get The Facts On The Importance Of Security Services

The statistical analysis of robberies and break-ins are a stark wake-up call. In 2018 in Florida alone, 16,862 robberies were reported, according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Nearly 40% of these robberies involved a firearm. With the current under-resourced state of law enforcement today, it seems more likely now than ever that crimes […]

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The Benefits Of Access Control Security Guards & Systems

Access control is a way of restricting access to a building, a property, a designated area, or even a restricted room. It can even extend to doors in a building, certain areas in a building, or access to outside gates. One can have a choice between security guards or systems. The Benefits Of Access Control […]

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