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Find Affordable Security Officer Services

How do you compare quality and cost among the different service providers, if you don’t even know where to begin? Luckily for you, we have a step-by-step guide on how to find a trustworthy and affordable security officer services. What Kind of Security Services Am I Looking For? This article focuses on two main aspects […]

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How HOA Security Companies Deter Crime In Your Neighborhood

Home Owner Association (HOA) security companies play a big role in the safety of communities. Aside from this, HOA security companies uphold rules and regulations of the neighborhood such as parking, access control and unwanted visitors on the streets. Neighborhoods are currently experiencing high levels of car theft and burglaries, but criminals would rather avoid […]

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The Benefits of Undercover Security

Where security personnel are employed to protect and ward off potential threats from the outside, sometimes your company may need a bit of protection from the use of undercover security on the inside. There is a mutual understanding of loyalty and trust between staff and management, but sometimes employees begin to deal with illegal activity […]

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Drones And Security Control

Drones have been around for decades, and they have taken many different forms, depending on their desired use. Lately drones have been become commercially available, allowing for almost anyone to own and operate a drone. This adds a new dynamic to security control. Before drones were commercially available, security control was difficult, but it only […]

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Building Trust With Your Security Officers

Security officers are required to observe your property and they are expected to perform that duty with the utmost of professionalism. This may be all that you require of them, but often clients struggle with fully trusting total strangers to look after what is dear to them. For those clients, they need something more. They […]

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Hiring Short Term Private Security Contractors

When you need to do maintenance on your house or business, the last thing on your mind is hiring private security contractors. This is probably because you are more concerned with who you’re going to call to fix, say for example, your AC system which has just broken. You’ve never had a security issue before […]

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What Are Observe, Report, and Deter Security Companies

For hundreds of years, the concept of the security guard has evolved from someone who watches over us only during the night, to being someone present in a variety of situations to provide protection and to prevent illegal activity. At Inter State Security Corp, your security is our top-priority and concern and in order to […]

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Event Security For Your Summer Safety

It’s the summer time and that means sunshine, concerts, 4th of July celebrations, fun and lots of summer events. The opposite side of this is that threats to safety and security don’t stop when the sun comes out. It is therefore important to consider what the best ways of ensuring the safety and security of […]

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Tips From A Security Consultant To Make Your Workplace More Secure

Many of us worry about protecting our homes from threats but never give any thought to securing the place where we spend most of our time – our workplace. As a security consultant company, it is important for us to educate people on how to create and manage a safer environment in their workplace. Here […]

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Access Control Security Guards vs Automatic Access Gates

Whether you’re the owner of a business or are involved in the management of a condominium or gated community, properly regulating access to the premises should be your primary security concern. However, sometimes it’s difficult to know which security measures are best to adopt: access control security guards are more suited to some premises, whereas […]

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