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Your Industrial Property Needs More Security Than A Fence

A common belief is that crime is on the rise, therefore your industrial property does need more security than just a fence. Hiring a private security company for your industrial property is a logical choice for most people. With criminals getting craftier you’ll need to take more drastic measures than just fencing. Criminals often look […]

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The Role Of Technology In Private Security

The use of technology around the world is rising at an exponential rate and it’s currently being adopted in many fields and industries including private security. You may be asking yourself, “how does the use of technology improve security?” The overall answer would be by increasing the efficiency of security. With criminal activity on the […]

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Big Event? Professional Security Matters

If you plan a lot of big events, there will come a time when you need to hire a private security company. The reasons can differ depending on the situation, property, or event but a professional security company will ensure that you and the people around you are protected. There are also a few added […]

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Going Away For The Holidays? Consider A Security Officer Company

You’ve finally got the opportunity to take that break your family has been waiting for and you’re preparing for an exciting holiday. Your only concern at this stage is that you’re not comfortable leaving your home unattended for so long. That’s where a security officer company like Inter State Security becomes useful. You may think […]

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The Importance Of Security Controls In Preventing Attacks

The beauty of Florida, the “Sunshine State,” is truly remarkable, from the food, the variety of cultures, and of course, the awesome scenery. But among all that beauty, there is still the looming threat of rising criminal activity. Florida possesses higher than normal property-related crime rates when compared to the rest of the country. In […]

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Keep Your Customers And Business Safe On Black Friday With Security Officers

Black Friday is around the corner, and for both businesses and customers, it is the event of the year. Depending on your business’s location, you may even have overly enthusiastic customers lining up outside your store from midnight or even earlier. The problem is that some Black Friday shoppers can be a little too over-enthusiastic […]

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How Access Control Security Officers Keep Us Safe

An access control security officer is one of the most important systems in keeping your office place or your community safe. We at Inter State Security take this responsibility very seriously and understand that controlling the access people have to restricted areas should not be taken lightly. As technology evolves, smart security systems allow us […]

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Private Security Company Discusses Preparedness Plans

We are currently in the middle of the hurricane season. Strong winds, torrential rain, and even floods are not an unusual occurrence at this time. Have you given any thought to what your family would do during the storm or if you were told to evacuate your home? Do you have a preparedness plan that […]

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Things To Look Out For When Employing A Security Company

It’s 2019. More and more property owners are opting to hire private security for protection, but with so many security services on the market, how do you choose the right company? At Inter State Security, we want you to be as safe as possible which is why we have compiled a shortlist of the top 5 things you […]

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A Security Company’s Tips To Keep Schools Safe

Today, ‘safety in numbers’ has seemingly become a thing of the past and is no longer a guarantee. Children are a vulnerable population and a parent’s biggest concern is their safety. A school environment should be one that provides parents peace-of-mind, knowing that while they’re children are at school, they’re in safe hands. This specific kind of safety […]

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