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The security services provided by Inter State Security Corp offer a wide range of solutions that are perfectly designed to meet your specific security needs. With over 35 years of experience providing security to the Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties, we cover all the bases.

Whether you need a concierge, a security officer, a patrol vehicle or the specialized services of our Tactical Elite Division, we are here to provide the vital security services you need.

Security Personnel

In some situations, a visible security officer in a uniform is a good deterrent to anyone with bad intentions, while also providing peace of mind and security for residents or customers. Other circumstances require a more subtle security presence. We offer a full range.

Here are some of the options Inter State Security Corp has for you:

1. Uniformed Security Officers

Our uniformed security officers are unarmed and operate on an ‘observe, report and deter’ protocol. They are available to be on the lookout for any signs of trouble on your property and provide a friendly, non-threatening sense of security for your customers. All our Security Officers are monitored randomly at least once a shift by Inter State Road Supervisors who check on their appearance and performance.

2. Select Security Services

Our Elite Services are tailored to South Florida’s high-value developments and exclusive communities. Security officers from the Elite Services are highly trained and come from a Law Enforcement and Military background.

3. Uniformed Concierge Services

Our uniformed concierges are highly trained in public relations to assist residents with their needs in a friendly and efficient manner that will complement and enhance the service that you provide.

4. Plainclothes Security

Plainclothes security officers are ideally suited to situations where assistance is required with loss prevention. Plainclothes officers offer the same level of training and knowledge as uniformed officers but with the added benefit of creating a more relaxed atmosphere.

5. Undercover Security

Should you be facing a situation of employee theft, our undercover officers are like a secret weapon to expose and prevent inside jobs. Our officers gain the trust of your staff members to protect those who are innocent, uncover those who are guilty and prevent theft from your business.

6. School Security

Inter State Security offers specialized school security to enable children to attend classes safely. School security officers are carefully selected, and background checked. They are experienced in a school environment and are all certified in first aid.

7. Patrol Services

Marked Patrol Services are suitable for larger properties that require a visible security element. The bright yellow overhead lights make the vehicles extra visible and are a great deterrent.

Unmarked Patrol Services offer a ‘surprise element’ that is an effective crime fighting tactic, while maintaining a relaxed atmosphere in the neighborhood.

Security Equipment

Apart from trained security personnel, a key element of our security service is to provide and install security equipment that will enhance the safety of your property.

This includes:

  • Computer and DVR Camera Systems
  • Telephone entry systems
  • Gate access systems, including portable gatehouses and entry gates where needed, as well as traffic devices, decals, violation stickers and tire boots. With all gate contracts of 168 hours and over, we provide a computer system and 4 color camera DVR system
  • Burglar and fire alarms
  • Roving contracts include golf carts, as well as systems for SOS management
  • CCTV

Security Consulting

We offer obligation free security evaluations to identify hotspots that would make your property vulnerable to crime, as well as solutions for you to consider.

Our Selection Process Guarantees Your Peace Of Mind

When you hire a security officer from Inter State Security, you are investing in your peace of mind and the safety of your property.

All our security officers:

  • Hold a Class D Security Officer License issued by the State of Florida
  • Have been tested and have completed a 25-page employee agreement form
  • Completed a 40-hour course through a state certified training facility
  • Have been through training with an Inter State supervisor
  • Have had their criminal background checked by Inter State
  • Have been finger printed and FBI checked before receiving a license

If you are looking for a security solution that can be shaped to your specific needs, give us a call today for a free consultation at Broward: (954) 753-4700 Palm Beach: (561) 732-1380 Miami-Dade: (305) 949-1142.

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