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How to Safe Guard Against Employee Theft

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Security Services can Prevent Employee Theft

Business owners never want to question the loyalty of their employees, but research has shown that employee theft can account for almost 6 percent loss in revenue for a typical business. Small business owners, unfortunately, face the greatest risk of employee theft and, therefore, are most in need of preventative security services. The reason that employee theft is particularly common in small business operations is due to the limited resources available to safeguard against these crimes; small businesses are less likely to have a CCTV security camera system, and the owner may not feel justified to have a security presence for such a small premises. In reality, small business owners can’t afford not to seek out professional security services to combat employee theft, as their financial success can depend largely on employee loyalty.

Small businesses are more personal and require good employee relations to function, and so the first step a business owner should take toward preventing employee theft is to create a positive work environment. Once the employer and employees are comfortable there is lesser chance that work-related crimes will occur. If, however, employee theft persists then security services will be necessary to identify and prevent these crimes. There are a number of security options available to business owners that can effectively deal with employee theft.

Not all businesses are able to afford an all-seeing security camera system, but some may opt for one or two cameras positioned to capture the most employee activity. A business does not need to have cameras everywhere: a professional security company will be able to locate key positions – usually chosen to capture areas where money or resources are exchanged – which will reduce the chances of employee theft. When employees know they are being watched they will be less likely to break any rules. In addition to preventing theft, footage from security cameras can be used as evidence should any legal proceedings occur – with employees or patrons.

Security guards
Employing a designated security guard is often a difficult decision for business owners to make. The reason for this is that they may change the work environment into something more hostile and unfriendly. Some employees may feel uncomfortable having security personnel observing them, and they could feel that their employer does not trust them. Hiring a security guard does not necessarily create a negative work environment; in fact, a friendly, well-trained security guard can help employees to feel safer and more comfortable while they do their job. Research suggests that one in every 40 employees will attempt theft, and so the majority of the workers in any business are just as motivated to prevent these crimes as their employer. A security guard can make a great addition to any workforce, helping employees to feel valued and safe in their work environment.

Monitor internal controls
A business owner should implement internal procedures that keep track of finances and employee activity. These controls, such as allowing only authorized employees access to financial assets, can work to prevent employee theft. Business owners will feel more in control of their workforce if they implement a clear set of procedures that monitor and regulate employee activities. A professional security guard can be employed to keep track of or implement such internal procedures, and this will prevent employee theft.

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