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The Advantages of the ProxiGuard System

The Best Security Service to Monitor Guard Patrols

What is Proxiguard?
security serviceIn the security industry there is an increasing demand for services that merge different needs into one seamless, easy-to-use product. ProxiGuard is a cutting-edge security service that modernizes the guard tour and allows for real-time management from a distance. This tool is essential if you have guards assigned to a patrol tour; it’s the best way to keep a track record of where and when patrols are done and to maintain optimal security.

With the ProxiGuard service you can rest assured that you are 100% aware of the movements of the guards that you rely on. This security service not only allows you to keep track of the movements of your patrol officers in real-time, but also to keep a thorough record to refer back to, should an incident occur.

Time and location are important details in checking that a security patrol is done correctly – so ProxiGuard ensures that you have a record of all these facts, no matter what. ProxiGuard’s is superior to anything else on the market, particularly because it works on a no-contact card-reader system, making it extremely reliable. We’ve broken down the advantages of ProxiGuard here, to help you understand why you should not skip this helpful product.

The Advantages of the ProxiGuard System

  • The readings that you will receive from the ProxiGuard security service are very detailed. The records include the date, time, location of the relevant checkpoint, route taken and the guard responsible for the patrol. Reports also include a record of whether or not there was a noteworthy event (such as a door left open or other significant security details). ProxiGuard is also the only guard tour system in the world with impact detection, to keep record of the exact time that a reader is dropped, moved or tampered with.
  • ProxiGuard a non-line-of-sight technology, which means that the readings are done without contact being made, so they’re not affected by weather and other elements. The guard simply holds their tag near the electronic reader (this works at up to a distance of 15 inches) and the specially encoded number is recognized. That’s how the record is made. Since the technology is non-contact, and water and shock resistant, the devices can handle harsh environments like rain or frost, dirt or mold and even being painted over!
  • The system is easy to install. Since ProxiGuard uses non-line-of-sight-technology, the reader actually can be placed anywhere, even behind concrete, so that it’s out of sight. This means it is more effective because it is discrete, it cannot be tampered with and there is no need for expensive brackets on installation.
  • It is intuitive to use, with the record reports clearly formatted in a spreadsheet so that you don’t miss a thing. You can also monitor online in real-time, or opt to receive SOS alerts or e-mail notifications about missed, early or late passed check-points.
  • The device can hold up to 30 000 records in its flash memory. It’s really convenient because it is equipped with a downloader or transfer station such as a USB interconnect cable and a software program that you can install on your PC to preserve your important records and information.

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