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How Access Control Security Officers Keep Us Safe

Access Control Security Officers

An access control security officer is one of the most important systems in keeping your office place or your community safe. We at Inter State Security take this responsibility very seriously and understand that controlling the access people have to restricted areas should not be taken lightly. As technology evolves, smart security systems allow us to extend our reach, however, we believe in the human factor of access control too.

An access control security officer is responsible for controlling access and egress (exiting) of authorized people and vehicles. Simply put, they control the amount of access certain entities have to a specific area, such as a gated community or office block. Naturally, this involves seemingly mundane tasks such as tagging card-readers, unlocking turnstiles, and verifying identities with a visitor but as criminals become more sophisticated in their approach, access control becomes increasingly important.

Security officers that control access are the first point of contact for potential danger. Our security officers are trained in assessing a situation from a distance and being able to take the necessary steps to protect the needs of our clients. In gated security where the services of an access control security officer are enlisted, they will take care of:

  • visitors moving in and out of the area
  • service people entering the area and verifying their identity and permissions to enter
  • monitoring happenings within the area
  • alerting residents of any potential dangers
  • assisting residents in need

Controlling Access and Egress

This requires security to verify the identities of people entering and exiting the area. This can be visitors or people that reside in or work in the secured area. Effective control of this function ensures that there are no potential threats being allowed into the property as well as ensuring that material that is not authorized to leave the premises, in fact, remains within safe confines. Access is controlled by alarms, sign-in/log-outs, and locks where necessary. A security officers’ role will differ here slightly depending on the facilitates of the premises. Some buildings will have a larger threat to danger than others and will, therefore, require more facilities and stricter access control.


Access security controls the access granted to people permitted to come and go throughout the premises. This includes employees, contractors, emergency personnel, and general visitors. This feature is aimed at making residents feel safe within their community as well as deter any potential threats from attempting to gain entry. When a uniformed officer is visible, criminals are less likely to target an area because the risk of getting caught is much higher.

In-office buildings, access control measures can vary. In some cases, the presentation of valid photographic identification is required. The company can also provide a list of authorized persons to enter in addition to needing to show proof of identification. Other cases come up where a person entering premises requires an escort. Keycard or access codes can also be used to allow entry. This is all monitored by an access control security officer.

Detecting Possible Threats

This involves an initial evaluation of the area prior to enlisting security services. At Inter State Security, we believe in a personalized security plan as each situation battles different threats. Trained professionals detect any potential threats before they become a problem. This includes identifying suspicious people lurking in the area, foreseeing potential emergency situations and controlling who enters and exits.

Constant Observation

Our security officers are trained in the art of observation. With a sophisticated camera set-up, our officers are able to monitor cameras that span the area of your community or building space. Through this constant observation, we are able to detect any threats or emergencies. Observation also involves regular patrol of the area.

Regular Reporting

Because access control officers are at the forefront of what happens within the protected area, reporting back on happenings are an important part of ensuring that all relevant parties are well-informed. This requires documenting incidents and doing so in a detailed manner. This allows us to constantly improve on security measures and identify vulnerabilities within a community or office space.

Security control is verbal and visual interaction between trained professionals in order to prevent any danger from occurring within the confines of an otherwise secure area. With well-defined parameters in place and trained professionals, access control security officers will be at the forefront of keeping your community safe.

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