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Who Really Uses Security Officers?

Security Officers

If you are asking yourself “Who ACTUALLY uses security officers?” here are some factors that will help guide your understanding.

People who make use of these services are people with the following factors at play:

  1. They have property in various forms that they want to protect.
  2. They want that protection to be serving their interests instead of the general law.
  3. They experience conditions that require more response forces than are on duty as provided by the state or locale.  
  4. They are private institutions who the law is not required to protect.

This can all still be a little vague, or general. But it does create a basis for understanding where security officers come into play. If your question wants more of a literal answer, then read on. There are many industries who make use of or would benefit from security services.

Why Use Security Officers?

The thing is, security officers don’t only do crime prevention and response in the obvious sense. We tend to assume that only things of value like money and important or high-profile people are the only real motivation for security. There are many occasions where numbers gather and disorder can ensue.

Too often, people have experienced regret after incidences and found themselves turning two basic thoughts over in their minds:

  1. This could have so easily been avoided.
  2. Why is it not standard practice on occasions like these to have security measures and response teams in place?

Security officers are the kind of measure that cannot be replaced. You can install any kind of device or mechanism you like, but a human on scene can make judgment calls. They are less confined by the law than law enforcement agents, as they serve the interests of the client, and they can respond in ways that have their client’s best interests at heart.

The Usual Suspects

Certain industries cannot escape having security officers on duty at all times. This often includes out of operating hours as well. Banks and other financial institutions are examples of this. However, malls and places with parking lots are also using this measure to keep patrons safe and to boost the use of their facilities as patrons feel more relaxed knowing the risk of being victimized for any reason is less.

The Lesser Knowns

Events are a given, there will always be at least an appearance of security to maintain order and respond to any threats or chaos. Small businesses often feel this is a necessary expense as well. This may be to help direct the traffic in and out of their place of business, or because they are located in a risky area, or even simply because their employees work late or night shifts and parking lots are high risk areas at night.

Atypical Industries

Of late, institutions like schools who previously might have had limited in-house security may begin opting for fuller school security flanks with more specific training. New laws dictate that they have to have certain measures in place, and because of limited resources being available on a State level, private security is being brought in to meet this requirement.

Crime riddled areas may band together for security services in neighborhoods or retail areas. Religious facilities may feel the need for such a presence, depending on the location and dynamic of the facility.

Basically, anyone who has need of supervision and maintenance of the law would employ security officers. They are not replaceable for law enforcers, but they can respond to illegal activity by observing, reporting, and deterring practices.

When To Consider Security Officers

There are some pivotal factors that determine whether or not an organization would use security personnel. 

  1. Where large groups are involved.
  2. Where money changes hands.
  3. Where alcohol is involved, usually the sale thereof.
  4. Where there is an extremely high or low traffic of people.
  5. If many people reside in a space that is closed off.
  6. Where a great deal of space is being used for a single purpose and needs patrolling.
  7. Where insurance or insured property is involved.
  8. Where ever there is risk of liability.
  9. Organizations see value in having specialized people in place to ensure safety aspects and recording of events are handled accurately.
  10. Wherever there is an expectation that events should play out without incident as far as is possible.

Any institution or person who wishes to have security that is first and foremost there to protect private property rights rather than be subject to what the law dictates about response tactics is in the business of looking to hire security officers.

If you have considered having security officers brought in to assist you in some way, but have then had the overriding feeling that this would be excessive for the circumstances that lead you to consider their uses then you should consider all the things that could go wrong. Also think about how much regret that would cause before deciding against security services. Changing times recommend security officers to more and more industries as the need for on-hand assistance becomes less predictable and more frequent.

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