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The Training Process of a Top Security Guard Company

There is a common misconception that class ‘D’ security guards undergo a less rigorous security guard training process than the higher class armed guards and police officers. The reality is that most security guard companies who train their guards to this level, such as Inter State Security Corp, hold their employees to the highest standard of security training. They have to use their smarts and physical strength to control a situation rather than diffuse it with a firearm. Each guard is well trained in public relations, criminology, first aid and even police science. In addition to this extensive background knowledge, top trained security guards have also proved themselves in over 40 hours of training to be honest, reliable, and physically prepared for the tough work demanded by private security. Private security is fast becoming popular throughout Florida, as it is affordable, versatile, and available for a range of private and public functions or properties. Experienced trainers in an interactive environment also administer our security guard training process.

Strict Entry Requirements
Before the training process even starts, security guards have to provide evidence of a previous qualification related to law enforcement, or have at least a high school diploma or GED certificate. Every Class ‘D’ Security Guard candidate is given a full background check, and their personality must reflect the honesty and integrity that top security guard companies demand. Trainers use their expertise and personal experience to shape new candidates into upstanding security guards, and often not everybody can make the cut. The standards for a thorough training process are particularly high, and a professional security guard company will pride itself with offering only the most highly trained private guards in Florida.

Physically Demanding
A well-trained security guard is responsible for the safety of the communities and properties they patrol. A thorough training process equips them with the skills necessary to respond quickly and effectively in the event of a particularly dangerous situation or a disaster. Professional security guards have to be able to control and suppress a fire, restore peace to an unruly crowd and even direct the traffic if it is necessary. Frequent patrols require guards to be on their feet for most of their shift, and so every guard has to be physically fit. During the training process qualified trainers keep the candidates on their feet and challenge them with tough scenarios and activities. Properly trained security guards will show the physical and mental strength required to protect clients.

Highly skilled
Professionally trained security guards are not only well educated and physically fit but learn a range of life-saving skills in the training process. After demonstrating knowledge of ethics and professional conduct, trainees must also prove that they understand fully the legal issues of civil liability. Security guards must know how to write a clear and helpful report to assist any subsequent legal or criminal proceedings. The patrol and observation techniques they are trained in are thorough and highly physical, encouraging guards to use their best judgment during a tricky situation on the job. Each security guard is required to know basic emergency first aid, which covers everything from CPR, to effectively disinfecting and bandaging wounds.

Our security guards are proof that Inter State’s training process guarantees clients the most professional guards in the private security industry.

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