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Starting Your Career In Private Security

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What You Need To Know To Join a Private Security Company

There are several things to know before being able to join a private security company, such as Inter State Security Corp, in South Florida. While it is a great career to get into, it takes some work to make yourself ready to jump into the field of private security.

While being in great physical shape is always an asset, it is also imperative that you have outstanding observation skills, are quick thinking and have all of the necessary training and licenses. Private security can have an element of danger to it. That is why it is imperative that all employees in this field are physically and mentally prepared for the job.

In order to have a career in the private security field, you should consider the following:

License — The industry of private security in the state of Florida is licensed by the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. All those working as private security offers and all security agencies must be properly licensed through the Division of Licensing part of the department in order to work in the position of trust.

For people looking to get into the field of private security, there are several different classifications provided through the licensing department.

If you opt for “D” classification, this would entitle you to work as a security officer for a company, such as Inter State Security Corp.

If you opt for “M” or “MB” classification, this would entitle you to manage specific types of security agencies.

If you opt for “G” classification, this would entitle you to hold a firearm in the state of Florida, while working in private security.

If you opt for “K” classification, this would entitle you to give firearm instruction to those looking to obtain their “G” classification.

If you opt for “DI” classification, this would entitle you to give classroom instruction to those looking to obtain their “D” classification.

There are several different areas of private security. You could work as a bodyguard, a patrol guard, a concierge, or in other areas. In addition to getting the right education and license in order to work for a private security company, it is also a benefit to have some additional skills.


Communication — Good communication skills are a must for anyone working in private security. You need to be able to converse and communicate quickly and efficiently with those you are working for, as well as those you may be protecting.

Thinking on Your Feet — This is a hard skill to learn and is generally just something that many people in private security are good at. You will be required to make quick, smart decisions. For example, you will sometimes need to blend into a crowd, while at other times a situation might call for you to be a diversion. You will need to instinctively know how to handle different types of situations.

Good Observation — A big part of your job in private security will require solid observation skills. While a good portion of your shift might be slow, with not much going on, you will be required to notice the smallest thing that is out of the ordinary and could potentially lead to a problem.

No Panic — You will have to be able to keep cool, calm and collected while working. There is no room for panic in private security. You have to be able to stay calm yourself, as well as to calm other people if the situation requires you to do so.

Maintain Privacy — What happens at work stays at work. When you get a job in the field of private security, you may often be called to work for a client who requires complete discretion. You must be trustworthy in order to do this job.

There are a lot of benefits to working in private security — from great wages to opportunity for advancement to excellent benefits — but it can be a difficult job. Once you are properly licensed to work in the security field, and you feel you have all of the necessary skills to be good at the job, contact Inter State Security Corp today.

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