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Security Services: How Safe Is Your Neighborhood

security-services“How safe is your neighborhood” is one of the most important questions security services, such as Inter State Security Corp, will raise when assessing the security levels of your home. With 28 years experience in South Florida’s security services industry, we at Inter State Security Corp are highly skilled when it comes to identifying how safe your neighborhood really is. A good security services company will have a detailed checklist of pointers to look for when checking the safety levels of your home and neighborhood. Below is a basic list of things that we, as an experienced security services company, would urge you to tick off when considering the safety of your neighborhood.
Well-lit areas are a deterrent for potential burglars. Try to keep interiors and exteriors well lit especially at night. Critical areas that would require illumination are areas such as stairwells, outdoors and foyers. If you are planning on being away from your home use automatic light timers throughout home and set them so that they simulate your normal lighting habits. Light timers that have battery backup are a great idea to avoid the timer stopping in the event of a power failure. Alternating on-off cycles is another good idea as it creates the illusion of movement from room to room.

Doors and locks:
The most obvious entry to your home is an open door. Do not leave doors or windows unlocked. Keep spare keys in a safe place rather than hidden in an “easy to find” location. Solid core or metal doors secured with good quality deadbolt locks are a good idea. Make sure your doors are fitted with door locks that have an ANSI grade 1 rating. Deadbolt locks should have a horizontal bolt at least 1 inch long, as shorter bolts are easier to break into with simple tools.

Coating windows with an impact-resistant film makes them stronger and safer. Reinforcing all windows or glass panels closer than 42 inches to a door lock with an invisible security film will prevent a burglar from breaking the glass and gaining access to your home. If possible have windows attached to a home security alarm and perhaps even consider using timed automatic drape and curtain openers as drapes that are always closed or always open imply your home is unattended.

Alarm systems:
Home security alarms are a vital element in deterring potential burglars from entering your home. Choose a home security alarm system that makes use of motion detectors. A good alarm system should also arm all access points such as windows and doors.

Nothing is more important than the safety of your family home so why not let us give you a comprehensive analysis of your problem areas on your property. Whether it is lighting, fencing, entrance or exit, we can determine your “hot” spots and suggest remedies.

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