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Do Security Guards Get a Bad Rap?

Security Guards

We’ve all heard the jokes about security guards being “rent-a-cops” or “wanna-be police” but in truth, there are many benefits for having a security guard on your property. Despite getting a bad rap sometimes, security guards serve several purposes and go a long way to ensuring your property is protected and your residents are safe.

While many people may joke about security guards not having real authority, guards on your property actually can carry out a number of tasks that will help to keep your property safe. These include verifying that the people entering onto the property are residents, controlling access to all others who try to get onto the property, and making sure that all guests have registered before entering onto the property.

Security can provide mobile patrols of the community, operating as the eyes and ears of the neighborhood and security guards can also enforce the rules and regulations of the property. Guards provide fire watch and can activate all necessary alarms and complete daily logs detailing all activity happening on the property.

Just the mere presence of an Inter State Security Corporation security guard onsite will help to deter crime on your property. So even though it may seem like there are plenty of jokes about security guards, they do in fact serve very important roles when providing community protection.

Our employees have been providing superior security guard protection services in the South Florida area for more than 35 years. Our trained guards perform invaluable service to our clients and we hope to add your property to the list of exclusive communities we work to keep save.

“The feedback that the Weldon Neighborhood Board of Directors regularly receive indicates that the unit owners within the Weldon Neighborhood are highly satisfied with the performance and professionalism of your staff. We look forward to many more years of this successful relationship,” said Ben D., President of Weldon Neighborhood Association, Inc.

According to the Ivonne Z., President of Board of Directors of The Hills of Inverrary Condominiums, “We have been using Inter State Security at the Hills of Inverrary Condominiums since 2009, and we find the company to be professional and responsive.”

So the next time you hear a security guard joke, you will think of the professional and well-trained staff of Inter State Security Corporation, and think differently. Our security guards work hard and take pride in keeping your property safe.

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