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Security Guard Services Can Keep You Safe Over the Holidays


Keep Safe Over the Festive Season

The holidays are a wonderful time of year, and not a time that you would normally be thinking about security guard services. But you should be.

For many people, the holidays are about love, family, hope and faith. But this time of year can also drive others toward criminal behaviour. Security guard services on your property can help lower the spike in crime that generally occurs once all the holiday decorations come out of storage.

The holidays means an increased number of thefts occurring in stores, as the busyness of the stores lends itself as a good cover for thieves. In addition to the spike of thefts that occurs in stores, there are also more reports of home invasions and robberies during the holidays. Security guard services in your community can help you cut these numbers down.

Many people travel during the holidays, leaving their homes empty. This can be a perfect target for criminals if they know the area is not protected by security guard services. Homes also tend to have gifts in them at this time of year, making any empty house a target for would-be thieves.

Here are the security guard services that can help protect your community and property:

Uniformed SecurityUniformed security guards in your community or on your property send a message to any would-be criminals. They are saying that their security guard services are the eyes and ears of the property, always watching who is coming and who is going, and noticing anything that is odd or out of place.

Uniformed security guards could even work at a checkpoint guarding the entrance of your community, ensuring entry is limited to people who are supposed to be there.

Select Security — If you are looking for something more from your security guard services, you might consider opting for select security on your property over the holidays. Elite security consists of officers with military and law enforcement backgrounds. These highly-trained officers know how to keep your community safe.

Plainclothes Security — Another type of security guard services are plainclothes security guards, more for when you don’t want to give the appearance that you are protecting your community and property. This approach offers a more relaxed atmosphere and is also great for loss prevention.

Marked Patrol — Another great security guard service that will help keep your community and property safe over the holiday season is a marked patrol. Seeing patrol cars cruising through your community, with security guards inside looking for anything out of the ordinary, can be a great way to reduce crime. Whether you are looking to cutdown on illegally-parked cars or speeders in your community, or are keeping watch over empty homes, the marked patrol is an excellent resource.

Unmarked Patrol — Most security guard services companies will also offer an unmarked patrol. Security guards making the rounds in an unmarked car are a great way to keep watch over a community while also keeping the element of surprise. There may be a greater chance of catching someone, such as would-be vandals, when a guard is patrolling in an unmarked vehicle.

Whatever type of security guard services you are using or are considering using, it is advised to step up the services during the holiday season. The holidays have a greater chance of being merry when you try to limit the opportunity for criminal activities in your community.

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