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Questions To Ask When Hiring Private Security Companies

Private Security Companies

Private security companies tend to offer a range of diverse services, and you may be unsure about which measures to put in place to suit the needs of your HOA, condominium or business. If you’re considering hiring a security company, there are a few key questions you should be asking to determine whether the services on offer suit you and your property. Asking questions during the consultation will also assist you in gaining a sense of the company’s values, expertise and ethos. We’ve put together a short list of the most important questions to help get you started.

  1. Does the Company Offer a Range of Levels of Visibility?

    Most security companies will offer different levels of ‘visibility’ when it comes to their services, as visibility can impact the residents’ and customers’ experience of safety. For example, some companies offer both marked and unmarked patrol vehicles. You may also want to find out if the company provides plainclothes, undercover or uniformed security officers, or a combination of all three depending on your needs. Plainclothes officers can contribute to a more relaxed atmosphere for residents and customers, and are less conspicuous; whereas uniformed security officers will pose more of a deterrence to potential criminals and appear to be more intimidating.

  2. What Exactly is the Nature of the Security Services Offered?

    It’s important that you understand that most private security companies offer observe, report and deter services only. This means that security guards will be unarmed and that their functions will be restricted to observing suspicious behavior, reporting any potential security threats, and deterring crime and break-ins through their constant presence. Be clear on what your expectations are of the company: you can’t expect observe, report and deter security guards to actively apprehend criminals or intervene in a crime taking place, as this is not their role. Their role is to immediately report incidents to the police so that they can be dealt with safely by police officers who trained to handle such situations.

  3. How Does the Company Select its Employees? How are its Employees Supervised?

    A security company’s workforce is its most vital element. A security company is only as strong as its weakest link, so it’s important to find out about the qualifications, training and experience of the company’s employees. Are the security officers licensed? Are they given continuous skills development and training? To what extent are officers supervised on their shifts? How thorough are the background checks which the company runs before hiring staff? You want to have absolute peace of mind when it comes to the security officers who will be keeping your family or business safe every day.

  4. How Does the Company Integrate Technology with its Manned Guarding Services?

    The use of cutting edge security technology can greatly enhance the safety of your premises. Alarm systems, surveillance cameras, access gates, and drones can all complement on-the-ground security patrols. It is a good idea to ask the security company you’re considering hiring about the technology they are able to offer you and how this is integrated into the rest of their services.

  5. How Does the Company Handle Emergency Situations?

    Hopefully, the company’s presence will be enough to deter any criminal incidents. However, the small possibility always remains that your property will be victim to a break-in or other criminal emergency. For peace of mind, enquire about the exact procedure which is followed when emergency situations arise. How will you as the owner be notified? What measures are in place to ensure rapid response time?

Inter State Security Corp – Security Consult

At Inter State Security Corp, we offer a full securities consultation to all our potential clients, involving a complete evaluation of your property and its safety risks. This way you’ll be able to get a sense of the range of our services and of our unparalleled commitment to providing excellent security. We will put together a comprehensive security services package based on your particular needs – just as we have been doing for thousands of satisfied home and business owners in South Florida since 1985.

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