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Inter State Security: An Elite Security Officer Company In South Florida

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Are you requiring certain services but not sure if a security officer company are the people to hire? Have you heard conflicting accounts of the pros and cons of having a security officer on your premises? Inter State Security Corp can probably answer your questions and attend to any security need you may have, but before we explain what we can do for you, let us explain what we are not.

Misconceptions Around Security Companies

Without knowing all the facts, most people are very quick to make assumptions about security companies. Some misconceptions around security companies that people have are:

  • All guards are men
  • All guards must be big and muscular
  • They have had no training in their field
  • They only deal with crime
  • Hiring a security company is very costly
  • Security guards are all lazy, bored, and they hate their jobs

How Does Inter State Corp Security Deter Potential Criminals?

Inter State Security Corp is an select security officer company in South Florida. We offer various services and have the relevant equipment at our disposal that allows us to offer an elite and comprehensive security service to our clients.

Services Offered By Inter State Security Corp

Our services are all tailored to meet our clients’ various needs. Our services include:

  1. Select Security Services

    These officers are highly trained and include military and law enforcement. High-value developments and exclusive communities may require this level of security.

  2. Uniformed Concierge

    These are highly qualified personnel who aim to bridge the gap between front desk personnel, public relations, and security apparatus while ensuring that the guests are happy.

  3. Plain Clothes Security

    Perfect for high-end communities that prefer a relaxed atmosphere, these officers are trained to observe people’s behavior and prevent loss by monitoring customers without arousing suspicion. They receive the same training and have the same experience as their uniformed counterparts, but they do not wear a uniform.

  4. Undercover Security

    Their role is to prevent the “inside job” (employees who steal). By gaining the employees’ trust, they are in the perfect position to monitor what goes on daily and detect/prevent any dishonest behavior that could result in employer loss of income.

  5. Marked Patrol Services

    These easily identified vehicles, with overhead lights and radio, are perfect for visible roving supervision of larger properties like playgrounds, public pools, and clubhouses. They can look out for and protect against misdemeanors like illegal parking and speeding but are also a visible deterrent against other potential crimes.

  6. Unmarked Patrol Services

    These low profile, non-intimidating but highly effective licensed and trained officers, offer the surprise element to criminal activity that some clients prefer.

  7. School Security

    These officers are experienced, certified in First Aid and have had background checks done ensuring that they can work with children. They offer several levels of security specifically tailored to fit the clients’ needs e.g. preschool, private school, church school or Synagogue security.

  8. Security Consulting

    We have a total of 28 years of experience in the South Florida security industry, so we know what to look for when it comes to security matters. We can provide you with a comprehensive analysis of potential security risks, identify “hot spots” and suggest remedies.

Equipment Utilized By Inter State Security Corp

Inter State Security Corp makes use of the latest equipment and technology to ensure our clients receive the best service available. Our officers are all trained and experienced in the equipment they are required to use. Some of the latest technology we use includes:

  1. Gate Computers

    An access control system that captures and stores data on all vehicles entering and leaving the premises. Permanent guests can be added to the residents’ profile and various reports can be pulled at any time.

  2. Camera System

    We have a high-quality CCTV camera system and video DVR technology. With a capacity of 1-72 cameras per system, we can provide our clients with maximum coverage/monitoring.

  3. Burglar Alarms

    We offer commercial and residential burglar alarms that are adaptable to any building, fully serviced and monitored around the clock.

  4. Golf Carts

    Our golf carts are the latest model, fully serviced four-wheel carts, fitted with both head and tail lights, yellow beacons and rain gear.

  5. Barcode Readers

    With full date and time stamping, our barcode readers grant or deny access for up to 100 0000 vehicles per facility, depending on computer entered permissions.

  6. Gate Arms

    We have a large selection of gate arm entry systems.

  7. Portable Gatehouses

    Our top-quality gatehouses, fitted with electrical connections and air conditioning, are both comfortable and durable.

  8. Security Online Solutions (SOS)

    Paperless, user-friendly, real-time reporting that allows you to track your security guards and know where they are and what they are doing, at any time.

Find A Security Officer Company Near Me

If you want a qualified, licensed and highly trained select security officer company looking after your residential or business premises, contact Inter State Security Corp, your trusted Florida security company since 1985.

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ISSC is fully licensed by the State of Florida.
State license numbers B2000009, A2000248.

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