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Don’t Place All Your Trust In Smart Home Security

Don't Place All Your Trust In Smart Home Security

With every technological advancement, new challenges loom threatening the true success of our advancements. Today, home owners can do the previously unimaginable and can control everything from the temperature of their houses to their alarm system from their mobile devices. These Internet of Things (IoT) systems have improved our daily lives and brought convenience to our finger tips, but they have also made home owners vulnerable to cyber-crime and severe loss. There are ways to achieve top notch home security without being a walking target. Here is why your smart home will always need a human touch.


Smart homes only work with an internet connection. Bad weather or faulty wiring are elements that can weaken or completely disconnect your system, leaving you vulnerable to attacks. When this happens, it is best to have a human being who is familiar with your home’s safety system and weak spots on your side. When your home’s security system is disconnected it makes it easy for burglars, who are aware of the vulnerable situation, to break into your home and take off with your valuables. A private security company is reliable and can monitor your property beyond this limitation. The company can alert you when there has been disconnection and a breach. This provides double the security and greater protection for the people and things you care about.


IoT devices are designed to work according to a set code, where circumstances deviate from code specifications or situations that have not been predicted by code the device will be less accurate. These moments of inaccuracy could result in false security reports. This happened to a family in the San Francisco Bay area where their home security device detected a false missile attack. Only once national security was contacted and human involvement took place were the family informed of the false alert. The family had already evacuated their home by the time the notification of falsehood reached them. Making use of a security company would allow for two-system authentication process where home owners would have to run the threat past the company’s sophisticated system too – allowing for increased accuracy by security experts.


Smart home hubs are at greater risk of hacking as they rarely have sufficient cyber protection. This vulnerability is not one to be taken lightly as a quick cellphone hack can result in home break ins and even vehicle theft. Android Malware has become more sophisticated and can access users’ SMS messages without accessing Google Play, making detection more difficult. Your security company will be connected to your home’s security system, so even if hackers access your devices the company can detect and inform you of a breach before serious damage or loss of property occurs.


Some IoT devices have sensors that monitor your home’s contents. The device can relay information about the location of an item in your home and can even relay the degree of security it requires, indicating its value. This information is invaluable to burglars as they are able to set a clear plan in motion and will know exactly where to get the more valuable items in your home. To your smart device these items are data, but a private security company has people working with your information and they are aware of the personal value many of the items in your home holds for you. This knowledge assists them in providing a service that is tailored to your needs and focused on preventing your separation from the things you have worked for and the things you value. The company also has checks and balances in place to ensure that your information stays private.

IoT devices are an irrefutable part of the world’s future, but the technology still needs human monitoring to add context and value. At Inter State Security Corp, we provide tailor-made day and night protection that uses technology to enhance our service. Contact us today for all your home security needs.

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