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Concierge Companies in Broward

If you run a hotel, hospital or any other large business in Broward you may want to look for a concierge company such as Inter State Security. Concierge services have become highly sought after as more people have less time to attend to the important things in their lives. With a concierge, you can give your customers and even your employees a way to make their lives a lot easier.

What exactly does a concierge do?
Concierge comes from the French language and it was a name given to a housekeeper and they would attend to the residents or the guests of the house. Nowadays, it is someone who performs services for customers of large businesses such as hotels or resorts. A concierge’s job is to make the customer’s stay as peaceful as possible.

This can involve anything from picking up laundry to booking show tickets, but often a concierge’s list of jobs will be tailored to suit the company they are working for. Though a concierge is almost ubiquitous with the hotel industry, other industries have started to use them. For example, hospitals have started using concierges to help their patients who have to stay for long periods of time. Concierge services could also even be a benefit of a specific medical scheme. Some companies use concierge services for their employees. Often people are so busy at work they don’t have time to do the other many menial tasks that need to be done. The services can improve employee happiness and increase efficiency.

Main Services
Though a concierge can have many uses, there are few typical ones and mostly like what you would want at your hospitality company. A concierge will be based in the lobby or reception. They will check customers in and ensure that they find their rooms satisfactory. They will get porters to take the luggage to the rooms.

Once the customers are settled in their rooms, they then often want recommendations on the area such as what to see or where to eat. A concierge will be able to make reservations for them at restaurant for dinner, or they could book a tour so the customer could get to know the area. There are also the everyday tasks such as organizing laundry or calling a taxi.

Concierges are also a form of security, they can monitor who enters and exits the building, both in person and by watching the CCTV cameras. They can provide security measures for customers by storing valuables in the hotel safe, so the customer does not need to worry about leaving them in their room.

A concierge greatly increases the pleasantness of staying at your hotel, because any frustrations can be quickly resolved and therefore, the customer will be less stressed and happier. Happy customers are return customers.

Why would you need one?
If you feel like your business could benefit from the practicality of a concierge or if you would like to help better the working experience of your employees, contact Inter State Security in Broward to hire a trustworthy concierge service.

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