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What’s The Deal With Unarmed Security Guard Companies?


How many times have you found yourself wondering “what’s the deal with unarmed security guard companies?” Honestly speaking it does seem a little bit counter-productive to invest your money in a security guard company that doesn’t rely on weapons to protect you, your loved ones or your property. If you have found yourself wondering what the point of unarmed security guard companies is, we at Inter State Security Corp are here to help you understand the, often overlooked, value of unarmed security guards.

The first thing most people do when they have property, buildings or events in need of protection is to consult with and hire a trusted security guard company such as Inter State Security Corp. But how exactly does an unarmed security guard company provide security from things such as theft, fire, vandalism and illegal activity, without the use of weapons? While armed security personnel are trained in the use of firearms, licensed to carry firearms and have the authority to utilize deadly force if necessary, the secret to the unarmed security guards success is their ability to rely on special techniques used for deterring crime. They acquire these techniques through the training and completion of an intensive course administered by a state certified training facility.

An unarmed security guard primarily provides security services for low-risk venues such as corporate and private property. On the other hand, the services of armed security are usually employed to protect high status venues such as government and military compounds, financial institutions, and nuclear power plants. In low risk venues an unarmed security guard is often the most effective means of deterrence from the majority of potential security threats as they are able to provide the same deterrent presence as armed security guards would without becoming a source of violence. However, should a severe security threat arise, unarmed guards are generally able to call for backup from law enforcement or armed guards. It is also important to remember that unarmed security guards have the same authority to arrest as a private citizen.

Another thing to reflect on when understanding the value of using an unarmed security company is to think about the message you will be broadcasting by having armed guards on the premises you want protected. How many times have you seen an armed security presence in a location and thought “I wonder what is so valuable that it needs such high protection?” Sometimes having armed security invites unnecessary and unwanted attention. Furthermore it is also important to consider the potential liability behind having an armed security guard in your employment. Also bear in mind that armed security guards will be considerably more expensive to hire than unarmed security guards.

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