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Tactics for Keeping Your Home and Business Safe


Security is a major issue on the mind of many business and home owners. No one wants their property to be targeted for theft or vandalism. There are many ways to keep your property safe, including hiring security guard companies.

Safety Tips For Your Business or Home

Hire Security Guard Companies — While this is not really an option for many private homes, it is a great way to keep a condo building or a residential community safe. It is also an effective way for a business to help prevent theft — both from clients and internal theft from employees. Security guard companies offer monitoring services, allowing guards to monitor access of all visitors to the property and surveillance services that allow guards to view, report on and check out any suspicious activity.

Burglar Alarms — Having a business or home outfitted with a great alarm system is a good way to protect a piece of property. Seeing a sticker in a door or window, or any signage indicating that a property is outfitted with an alarm system is a great way to send a message to would-be criminals that they should move on.

Businesses and homes can be outfitted with alarms that are triggered when glass is broken, doors or windows are opened, and motion detectors that are triggered by movement. Statistics show that alarmed businesses and homes are broken into less than businesses and homes that are not outfitted with such protection.

Use Timers — Whether or not someone is home in the evening, or whether or not there are any employees working late at the business, using timers to turn on lamps or televisions for a couple of hours each evening is an effective way of keeping intruders out and convincing outsiders that someone is inside the building.

Indicate You are There — Even if a house or a business is going to be empty for a period of time, it is necessary to show signs that someone is there. For example, don’t let a mailbox become full or overflowing, as this is a good indication to any passerby that the property is empty. This could make a home or business a target for a crime.

When in doubt about the safety of your home or business, consult security guard companies. Having a security guard watching over the premises is a great way to keep property safe, as well as to instill a sense of security and comfort in your clients and residents.

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