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Types of Security Services

Advanced Security Services With the rate at which the world is expanding, so too grows the need for security services that will be there to protect the things you most care for in your life ā€“ your loved ones, property and assets. There are many different types of security companies out there, each offering different […]

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Security Guard Training Process

The Training Process of a Top Security Guard Company There is a common misconception that class ā€˜Dā€™ security guards undergo a less rigorous security guard training process than the higher class armed guards and police officers. The reality is that most security guard companies who train their guards to this level, such as Inter State […]

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Starting Your Career In Private Security

What You Need To Know To Join a Private Security Company There are several things to know before being able to join a private security company, such as Inter State Security Corp, in South Florida. While it is a great career to get into, it takes some work to make yourself ready to jump into […]

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Security Tips From Private Security Companies

Keep Your Home Safe: Tips From Private Security Companies Inter State Security Corp. is a private security company that has been offering its unique brand of protection and security to several South Florida communities for the past 30 years. Over the past three decades of offering services to Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties, we […]

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Top Security Guard Equipment

The Best Equipment For Your Security Guards These days owning a company that needs security guards provided for people, places and transit vehicles can be a risky business. Criminals have no moral code nor a compulsion to be merciful. Every day your security guards are on duty is a day that their equipment might be […]

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The Benefits of Hiring Professional Security Guard Services

Why it is a Good Idea to Hire Professional Security Guard Services There should be nothing more important than hiring professional security guard services to ensure the safety of your home, office or person. Any business, home or person will need to deal with the terrifying reality that they or you could be a target […]

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Looking for a New Security Company in the New Year?

Looking for a New Security Guard Company? A new year has begun and we all know that with a new year, there come new worries. Well now is the time to start looking for a security guard company. Whether you need a company to look after your business or even just your home or other […]

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Why Private Security is the Way to Go

Private Security is the Best Investment Private security has been around for longer than you could imagine. In the medieval ages kings had knights and champions protecting them and their kingdom against raiders from enemy countries or other kingdoms trying to overthrow and seize land. Private security has been a part of civilization for centuries, […]

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Private Security Companies Can Keep Your Holiday Party Safe

Private Security For Your Festive Private Functions If safety is on your mind this holiday season, then you should look into private security companies to help you address any of your safety concerns. Whether you are looking at protecting a community or property over the holidays or are looking for ways to ensure that holiday […]

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Security Guard Services Can Keep You Safe Over the Holidays

Keep Safe Over the Festive Season The holidays are a wonderful time of year, and not a time that you would normally be thinking about security guard services. But you should be. For many people, the holidays are about love, family, hope and faith. But this time of year can also drive others toward criminal […]

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