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Private Security for Public Spaces

The Advantages of Private Security for Public Spaces Hiring private security for public spaces near your home can be beneficial to your peace of mind, for as little as we all like surveillance, we like to feel afraid even less. It is natural to want to protect your own environment, and your environment doesn’t stop […]

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Charleston Tragedy: Safety in Places of Worship

Security Guard Companies in Demand After Charleston Shooting Following the deadly and tragic attack on a bible study group at a Methodist church in Charleston, pastors and other religious leaders are beginning to rethink the security measures employed by places of worship. Churches are, in their nature, open to the public and unfamiliar people are […]

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Should You Be Worried About Terrorism?

Is Terrorism a Threat to Your Security? After recent threats of terrorism that have been ravaging our country as well as other western states, many people may have concerns about their safety and security. It is also important to consider that breaches in security may even be coming from within our own country – especially […]

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The Extra Benefits of Private Security

Private Security Companies: Why You Can Rest Easy There is nothing more important for your family’s or your property’s safety, than to employ a private security company to watch over your homestead. Some private security companies may be extremely costly but the long term benefits make it worth your while. You can always rest assured […]

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How to Keep Your Home Safe While You’re On Vacation

Private Security Company Home Safety Tips During Vacation One of the things we all strive for during our long working careers is going on a relaxing vacation. Be it a Caribbean cruise, an overland RV trip, or family getaway the whole point is to de-stress, unwind and leave all worries at home. And, that is […]

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Beef Up your Private Security

How To Make Your Private Security Better These days running a business in a competitive environment has become almost impossible. Supporting a family too has become hard work especially if fearing for their safety is always on your mind. Beefing up your safety is not a farfetched idea these days and you do not need […]

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How Effective Are Security Guards?

Security Guards: An Effective Way To Keep You Safe If you are looking for a great way to protect your apartment block, home, or community, as well as a way to appeal to a specific kind of clientele, you may want to consider hiring security guards. But many people have concerns that hiring security services […]

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What Kind of People Do Security Guard Services Hire

Security Guard Services – Who Do We Hire? Security guards can get a bad rap sometimes. They are often referred to as “rent-a-cops” and of course Paul Blart has forever documented a not-so-flattering perception of mall security personnel in the movies. However, have you ever really stopped to think about what type of people provide […]

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Types of Security Services

Advanced Security Services With the rate at which the world is expanding, so too grows the need for security services that will be there to protect the things you most care for in your life – your loved ones, property and assets. There are many different types of security companies out there, each offering different […]

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Security Guard Training Process

The Training Process of a Top Security Guard Company There is a common misconception that class ‘D’ security guards undergo a less rigorous security guard training process than the higher class armed guards and police officers. The reality is that most security guard companies who train their guards to this level, such as Inter State […]

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