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Private Security is an Asset to Your Property

Property Advantages of Private Security Companies Private security companies can offer many different services to protect you, your family or employees, and your assets. In this post, we’ll look at some of the uses and advantages of having a private security company look after your property. Skilled and Trained Security Guards All security companies must […]

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How to Stay Safe Without Infringing on Others Privacy

Security Guard Companies, Safety, and Privacy Private security is vital for many people to have in this modern day. Everyone wants to go about their day
knowing that should something like theft occur, there is a contingency plan to counter it. Security guard companies and their CCTV cameras are thus a main device of protection for […]

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The Development of Private Security

Evolution of Private Security Since the beginning of civilization, private security has been an essential element in society. This need stemmed from the desire to protect – people, their belongings, and their property. In the beginning, private security was provided in the form of kings guardsmen and his soldiers. The guard who was on night […]

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Why Hire a Security Guard

Protect Your Premises with Trained Security Guards Safety is a priority no matter where you are, so we recommend hiring security guards as a visible deterrent and believe it is the most effective protection against criminal activities. Inter State Securities are experts in the industry, with three decades of experience in South Florida’s security industry, […]

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Choosing the Right Security for Your Business

How to Choose the Right Security For Your Business Choosing the right private security for your company is important and your choice will depend entirely on your needs and what you are trying to achieve. There are many different options to consider when choosing the right security and each option will help your business in […]

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Your Private Security as the Face of Your Brand

Private Security Companies Can Help Shape Your Brand Unfortunately we live in an environment where people increasingly fear for their safety. This means that there is a growing need for businesses to hire private security companies to keep their employees and customers safe. However, it is important to remember that your security personnel will be […]

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The Future of Home Security

Technological Advances in Home and Private Security During the 1950s and 60s, television and film envisioned a future where talking robots were the height of private security. Thankfully, modern security systems are a far cry from the bulky mechanical robots of Lost in Space, Short Circuit, or the original Star Wars! But you may be […]

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How to Safe Guard Against Employee Theft

Security Services can Prevent Employee Theft Business owners never want to question the loyalty of their employees, but research has shown that employee theft can account for almost 6 percent loss in revenue for a typical business. Small business owners, unfortunately, face the greatest risk of employee theft and, therefore, are most in need of […]

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Private Security for Your Big Event

Using Private Security Companies for Your Events When you are hosting a big event, as the event planner or host you have multiple things on your mind at once, and the last thing you want to be worried about is safety and security. That’s why hiring a private security company (like Inter State Security) to […]

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Security Guards: Your Real Life Super Heroes

Security Guards Fighting in Against Crime Security guards: making civilized life possible If you take a look into crime and security statistics, you will find that currently security guard companies have many more security positions than municipal police officers. What would the state of affairs be without them? With the hands of the police already […]

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