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Handling Rowdy Guests With Condominium Security

Condominium Security

A condominium, where multiple residents share a living space, is a place where security should be the top priority because of the shared nature of the complex. More often than not, the condominium will have a board of persons who are entrusted to take care of, and deal with, administrative issues, to the benefit of all the tenants living in the shared complex. These persons are not trained professionals however, and this is why professional help is paramount when it comes to condominium security. Security should be one area that can never be neglected as this could mean possible injury, asset loss, and even lawsuits – not to mention the effected condominium being put into disrepute as a potentially unsafe place to live.

The latest event that occurred in North Lauderdale has especially been a wake-up call to many owners and residents of condominiums, and has spurred many persons on to take security seriously in their shared living spaces.

The North Lauderdale Events

A board member of the condominium where some rowdy party-goers were disturbing the peace, underwent a scary and harrowing incident, something that could have been prevented by employing a professional security company. The woman, named Nancy James (68) went to investigate party noise by the pool area of the condominium. Having gone out to investigate the source of the noise alone, Nancy was accosted by the rowdy noise makers. She was lifted, slammed onto the ground, then lifted again and thrown into the pool. Though the person responsible for ‘throwing’ Nancy into the pool insists that she fell out of his grip, and though her being thrown into the pool was described as a “joke”, this incident was undoubtedly traumatizing to Nancy. This incident highlights the importance of good security for your condominium.

Employing the services of a highly effective security company like Inter State Security Corp will be the first and most important step toward preventing you, or any other resident of your condominium, from being placed in such harms’ way. a professional security company offers marked or unmarked property protection and uniformed or plainclothed security officers. The officers are fully licensed and will offer peace of mind to residents as a deterrent to possible trouble makers. If such a presence was afforded to the effected condominium above, Mrs. James would not have been traumatized as she was. A concierge security officer could have been called upon to accompany Mrs. James, or would have gone on their own to investigate the noise.

Professional security companies also offer a range of other deterrents to would be troublemakers. Entry gate systems provide controlled access to and together with security cameras on your property your condo would be a gauntlet of security negating potential disturbances and unwanted trespassers. Highly trained teams, computerized security technology, as well as security consulting, where your personal security needs are assessed and planned to best suit your needs are another excellent service that would play a huge part in keeping the peace in your neighborhood.

With over 35 years of experience, Inter State Security Corp continues to make your environment more secure in an ever-increasing unsecure and dangerous world. Should there have been visible security cameras on the property, the North Lauderdale incident may have never gone so out of hand. Safety and security should not be considered an optional extra – it should be a necessity for a safe condominium environment.

Concierge Companies Representing You

concierge companies

If you are running a company that deals with customers face to face and would like to care for their needs without sacrificing the valuable time of yourself or your employees, it may be worth hiring from a concierge company. The services of a concierge are specific to this role, and will help streamline your time so that you may concentrate on work, yet still give your customers top quality service with your brand on it.

A concierge is a person who used to take on the role of housekeeper, generally in hotels. However they have slowly increased their scope to working in hospitals, small and large businesses, and are even used for personal use.

The flexibility of a concierge’s services make them an asset to many companies because their services may be tailored to the specific needs of the company. In hotels a concierge will stand near the front desk and act as a console for customers to arrange transport, book tickets to events, or find out about the area. They may also do laundry and run small errands, making them useful in businesses that are in need of someone who is able to spend time doing the smaller tasks that would take too long for other employees to complete. They may also make deliveries and will take a proactive role in ensuring daily affairs run smoothly.

An appealing advantage of a concierge is the human interaction they provide to customers. The serve as the front line of a business and the friendly face of your company. Many people will prefer a friendly face rather than a confusing device or using the telephone. Some people don’t have the aptitude for finding restaurants in the area or good deals on transport, and would prefer to ask someone with knowledge of the area. A good concierge will be helpful in all these matters, and will know when to follow up with information that may be lacking on their part.

For these reasons a concierge company will be advantageous to use, as they will have people trained specifically for working with customers and finding information. By being part of a company with a reputation to uphold, they will also ensure that when they work for your company they will do so with the utmost respect for your brand and your needs, making sure to keep your company values as a top priority. Hiring from a company ensures your concierge will have the specialized skills readily available.

Additionally, if you use the concierge services of a security company, your concierge will also be able to act as a security measure at the entrance of your company. They may use CCTV cameras or require visitors to sign in, and the concierge will be able to do so professionally due to their training. They may also assist to the safety of the customers by keeping valuable items or organizing security lockers for them during their stay at a hotel or resort.

Good concierge services have all the skills required to look after the daily customer care of your company. Having a concierge lets people who walk through the door know that you care about them and have someone ready to aid them at any time. This is highly beneficial because often people are not good at dealing with demanding customers, and having a polite professional look after them shows them that you uphold your values seriously and work hard to ensure you maintain a good name. The difference between walking into a building and being left to fend for yourself, compared to being greeted by a helpful concierge that offers to take care of you, will make the world of difference in your customer’s eyes.

What Are the Advantages of Private Security Companies?

private security companies

Amongst the stress and responsibilities that come with running a company, crime is a reality that many businesses and property owners have to face. Unfortunately the safety of your business cannot rely solely on public security forces – such as the police – whose main concern is to maintain the welfare of the public as a whole. Police cannot enter private property or watch over personal property, and this leaves gaps in the safety of your business. Hiring a private security company will ensure personalized protection over yourself and your personal property or business, and is a service that you can rely on to look after your best interests.

How Private Security Differs From Public Officers

Private security companies are trained security personnel employed and managed by private companies. Unlike government-employed police forces who are governed by politics, the government and the law, private security are contracted by an organization to protect personnel and property.

This means that private security working on your property may deny unauthorized access to your business, while enforcing the rules of your company. They are also allowed to search employee’s belongings in the interest of your company. All of these powers allow private security to act in real time to any threats that may occur on your property. Public police cannot enforce the rules of your company, and may only aid after the crime has been committed due to governmental restrictions on private property.

Why Private Security Is Better

To be part of a legitimate private security company in Florida, security personnel must be licensed by the State of Florida, and they must own a Class D Security Officer License. This license proves that the security officer has skills such as interviewing techniques, crime and accident prevention and physical security, as well as knowing emergency procedures, terrorism awareness, and basic first aid.

Organizations like Inter State Security Corp ensure that their employees meet these requirements, and have performed rigorous background checks on each employee. They also enforce training practices on the job, and supervise their employees to maintain a high standard of work. A contract with them gives the customer liability insurance, which further protects any potential loss or breakage of property. Public police cannot pay you back for any damage incurred on your property.

Another advantage of hiring a private security company is the increased scope of protection they may offer you. Private security covers personal bodyguard protection, uniformed or unmarked security, patrols, or even undercover security. They will first consult with you the needs of your company’s safety, and will set up an appropriate force tailored perfectly to your needs. This includes Point of Access gate houses and camera security – which are perfect for schools, businesses and estates. Private security also often has newer and more effective equipment, because they are not restricted by government funding. This allows them to truly ensure full coverage without compromising your safety.

Prevention Is the Best Cure

Public police try their best to protect the public, but as they have restricted access and powers, a business may fall victim to crime and the police can only assist with the investigation after the fact. The main way that private security is advantageous is that by being employed and trained on your property they may protect your property, ultimately preventing crime, and therefore reducing loss.

Why You Need Private Security Contractors

private security contractors

We all know that there are many people out there with bad intentions and with these intentions come threats to ourselves, our homes and our businesses. It is for this reason that many people are looking to  private security contractors to help them secure themselves and their property.  However, it is important to consider whether or not you know what to look for.

Below is a checklist of essential things to take into consideration when hiring private security contractors. This checklist will help to ensure that you are making a great, responsible and informed decision.

Considerations when hiring private security contractors:

  • What kind of security you need and want:

    When hiring security contractors, one of the most important things to do is to consider whether or not they offer what you require. Examples of this include uniformed security, marked patrol services and undercover services. The type of security you need has to be considered when hiring security to ensure you get the services you need.

  • Is it affordable to me?

    Financial situations differ from person to person and therefore it is important to consider, as mentioned above, what you need but also what you can afford. Look for high quality security contractors that are affordable to you.

  • Do they have a good track record?

    When hiring private security contractors, it is the responsibility of you, the potential client, to consider their track records. In other words, do they operate in an ethical manner and do they operate within the laws of your State?

  • Are they experienced?

    As with anything in life, with practice comes perfection. Consider how many years of experience the security company has in the field. Often the more experienced companies are better at providing security to clients as they know what to expect.

  • What technology do they use?

    Good security companies take advantage of the advances in modern technology. They will use high quality and high end technology in order to provide more effective and efficient security services and solutions.

  • How is their support?

    Good security companies provide support at the push of a few buttons. They should have knowledge of the security field and be easy to contact when needed.  Look out for phone numbers, emails or contact services which are offered by the company.

  • Does the company constantly monitor and update?

    A professional security company should constantly be monitoring and updating –  monitoring you and your belongings but also monitoring and updating their equipment and staff.  They should catch any problems with the equipment they have deployed before it becomes problematic and should also constantly be training their personnel to ensure they are up to date with the latest advances in security and protection.

Security is a vital part of our modern society however it is not always easy to make an informed choice.  By using the considerations outlined above we hope it will help guide you when making the important decisions about which security company or contractor to use.

Implement Access Control with a Security Officer

Access Control Security Officer

There are many threats facing our homes and businesses these days so security has to be one of our main priorities. It may therefore be beneficial to consider implementing access control security officers and services.

What is access control?

Access control or AC as it is often known, is a primary feature or aspect of physical security. It works by allowing for selective restriction of access to a place or resource. In other words, access control is having control over who can and cannot enter your building, property or assets.

Why is access control important or beneficial?

Access control is important because as mentioned earlier, it is the primary source of physical security. It is often the first step in securing your property and protecting it from unwanted and potentially dangerous access. Here are three major ways in which people or businesses can benefit from access control.

  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention:

    Securing resources is obviously important to both private individuals and companies and a major threat to this security comes in the form of intrusions. These intrusions may be in the form of employees or visitors who are intentionally attempting to gain access to places where they are not wanted. In other words, attempting to gain unauthorised access. Visitors may also lose their way on your property or in your facility. Access control in the form of an access control security officer is an effective way of monitoring invasions and taking appropriate action.

  • Safety:

    Access control is an effective way of ensuring the safety of employees and civilians – it not only keeps account of the people entering and exiting the facility but it may also be used to prevent people from accessing areas which may be hazardous to their health. For example, facilities with threats of radiation.

  • Deterrence of Criminal Activity and Safety Net:

    Earlier in this article we mentioned that there are various security threats to properties and resources. These security threats can be anything from vandalism to theft to arson. Using access control mechanisms such as an access control security officer often deter people with criminal intentions. This is because having these visible mechanisms of security may act as a psychological deterrent to people with negative intentions. An example of this is them seeing a biometric scanner or security officer and realizing that security measures are in place and the likelihood of them getting caught is higher. As well as acting as a deterrent, these access control mechanisms are also safety nets when deterrence fails. For example, when an intruder enters without authorization, an access control security officer may act appropriately by either dealing with the intruder or contracting relative authorities for backup.

How Is Access Control Done?

In this article, we have explained what access control is and how it may benefit but how is it done? In other words, how do you secure your property through access control? There are many ways of implementing access control – the method which is probably the most effective and can be used in conjunction with other methods is probably the implementation of an access control security officer. This method involves employing a security to guard to grant authorized access to premises and deny or restrict access to those who are not authorized to be on the premises. Employing an access control security officer will have all the benefits mentioned earlier despite still being one of the cheaper options. They also enjoy the human touch which has further benefits such as building relationships with authorized persons as well as having the power to act appropriately when needed.

The Benefits of POA Security

POA Security broward

An important element of safeguarding your home, business, or property is through POA Security. Broward County’s decreasing crime rate is no reason to become complacent in this regard. Ensuring that entry and exit points are secure and safeguarded is a major contributing element to deterring criminals as well as catching them.

What is POA Security?

Before we can analyze its benefits, it’s important to understand precisely what POA Security is. An acronym for ‘point of access’, POA security implies the safety measures that have been put in place in order to secure the point at which access is typically gained to a property or point of interest.

Why is POA Security Important?

Making use of this type of security measure ensures that the property behind the point of access is better protected, along with the people in it. POA Security often entails the use of automated entry systems and cameras, which records the features and/or details of those entering and exiting.

What Types of POA Security Are Available & What Are Their Benefits?


  • Gate Computers

This type of security system ensures that any and all confusion is eliminated on a property where point of access is through a gate. Gate computers allow security guards to record visitors’ necessary details and store it in one system that logs the time and date of the person’s entry and exit at the property.

  • Portable Gatehouses

Most gate computers and all that comes with them are found in permanent gatehouse structures built on the property. However, this isn’t always the case, and some clients may find it preferable to have portable gatehouses. This could be useful for construction companies who want to limit access to sites as well as large pieces of land whereby traffic may be diverted in different directions at different points. Portable gatehouses are convenient and particularly useful for vehicular traffic and have the added benefit of coming equipped with UL electrical connections as well as air-conditioning.

  • Barcode Readers

For a hardy and more advanced method of giving visitors access via vehicle, barcode readers may prove more suitable. Working in partnership with a computer-entered permissions system, entry is either allowed or denied dependent on the bar code-based entry system swiped in front of the receiver. This also includes full date and time stamping. Barcode readers are superb solutions for gated communities and offices where regular visitors or residents will need regular access.

  • Gate Arms

These handy point of access security systems allow for security officer’s to take down a visitor’s details or for tenants to scan their barcode readers to give them access. There are several different gate arm systems available on the market, from one with a built-in battery backup power source to one with a multiple vehicle memory-barcode.

  • Camera Systems

Most modern-day security action plans today will make use of camera systems. Thanks to modern technology, high-quality DVR CCTV cameras can be used and any number from one camera to seventy-two can be placed throughout a property. This works well for properties that have multiple points of access, ensuring maximum coverage of all individuals and vehicles entering and exiting the premises. This is particularly useful for identifying individuals by face and through their license plate number which are recorded and caught on the cameras in question.


POA Security Systems are beneficial in that they are often easy to use, they eliminate confusion, record information, can be managed via a computer, and they extend or limit access according to individual needs. Inter State Security is able to offer all of the above types of POA Security along with plenty more for homes and businesses alike.

Security Control Tactics for Your Business

security control

Your business is more than just a means to an end. It’s your livelihood—which is why it’s all the more important to have security control measures in place to ensure the protection of your assets. From boundary security systems and 24-hour patrols to computerized equipment, a variety of options are available—but which one to choose?


How Will Business Owners Know What Security Tactics Are Right for Their Business?

Not all businesses will necessarily be in need of the same security measures which is why it is important to undergo security consulting with a reputable company first. This typically involves a full assessment of your business and a comprehensive analysis of vulnerable areas on the property in question which will better allow business owners to protect themselves.

What Security Control Tactics Can Businesses Use?

  • Security Officers

Having well-trained individuals onsite gives businesses a supreme advantage. Whether they are uniformed, plain clothed, or an elite security taskforce—different tiers of security officer protection are available depending on each business’s particular need.

  • Computerized Equipment

Computerized Equipment is an umbrella term for a wide variety of security control tactics, from gate computers to camera systems. Camera systems not only act as a deterrent thanks to them often being visible along with their ability to provide evidence for collection when there has been a security breach.

  • Boundary Fencing

Simple yet effective, boundary fencing is one of the oldest ways to secure a property. If your business lies behind a wall, electric fencing can be a welcome deterrent to would-be criminals.

  • Automated Entry Systems

This can include barcode readers and gate arms, or even a combination of the two. Gate arms prevent access unless those at the gate have a barcode reader or have permission to access the property after speaking to security personnel.

  • Burglar Alarms

Perhaps a 24-hour security officer is not on your pay scale or perhaps it isn’t even necessary, either way, burglar alarms are sure to have business owners sleeping more soundly at night. Burglar alarms can trigger when access to the property is gained without entering the correct security code, in turn notifying the business owner and their respective security company.

  • Patrol Services

This is a superb option for businesses that find themselves on a large piece of property. Marked patrol services can regularly monitor your business and keep an eye out for any suspicious behavior when you’re not around. Patrols can be done in vehicles equipped with overhead lights and radios or even in golf carts. If you’ve only been using these nifty electric cars on the golf course, then perhaps it’s time you use them as a security tactic, too. They allow security officers to perform routine rounds on a swifter basis than they would on foot, and allows them to move faster in the case of a security breach.

  • ProxiGuard Systems

While security officers are onsite to ensure limited entry, business-owners want to be assured that their security officers are doing their job and doing it to the best of their ability. ProxiGuard Systems allow business owners to track their patrol officers through this industry standard monitoring technology. It keeps track of what officers are doing with the help of location tracking, date, and time stamps used through a handy card-reading system.


With over three decades of experience in the security industry, Inter State Security knows just what security control is needed in order to protect your business. Active in the Broward, Palm Beach, and Miami-Dade areas, business owners can request a free security control proposal for greater insight into how to protect their business and its assets.

Dropping The Bomb on Private Security

private security

Private Security – The Investment For Protection

Recently, there have been threats made at Jewish Community Centre (JCC) schools across the country on a mass-scale – and the need for private security is becoming more mandatory. Bomb threats are not to be taken lightly. Making bomb threats is a serious crime, and incurs serious penalties. Over the past month, a series of coordinated bomb threats have been made, threatening the lives of children and others within the public vicinity. The result has been several evacuations, and a heightened sense of anxiety. This sense of fear and intensified concern for safety can lead to chaos at a time when order is desperately needed. The children have become victims of a hate crime – and this is just one focused group that have been receiving bomb threats, among a multitude of minorities and innocents. Never has there been such an urgent time for private security in the public space.

What is private security?

Despite the safety concerns that are now heighted due to recent bomb scares, public places cannot be avoided. Children need an education, and humans need interaction. This is where private security can really make a difference in both reducing the sense of fear, and the actual safety of the space. Private security companies are privately owned and operated, and hired by businesses or organizations. Their services can be provided in multiple ways;

  • Uniformed security – a non-threatening presence of security
  • Elite security services – highly trained security officers that have experience, training and knowledge
  • Uniformed concierge – highly qualified experts, concierge give a presence of security, with the added skill of public relations
  • Plainclothes security – the knowledge and experience of security, but a more relaxed atmosphere
  • Marked and unmarked patrol services – whether it is conspicuous supervision and presence you want, or a low-profile approach, patrol services enhance security in the public space
  • Security consulting – often the security of a public space can be enhanced on an exponential scale by understanding where the “weak points” are, and how they can be dealt with
  • School security – experienced officers, equipped with first aide certifications, and attune to the environment of children can prevent a lot of potential dangers

What are the benefits of private security?

In general, private security creates an atmosphere of vigilance and order. People become more confident in their environment and the security training and experience can bring order to chaos, and prevent danger through awareness of suspicious characters or behavior.

Private security is there around the clock, and therefore response time is immediate. This immediate response means that there is less time for anxiety and the contagious spread of disorder. Consider an evacuation due to a bomb scare; it is not long before panic sets in and the lives of many innocents are feared and urgently moved to safety. Physical security in this instance brings physical protection – of property, persons, and against suspicious objects or people through establishing a chain of command.

The training of private security is the biggest, and most valuable, attribute that is hired. With extensive training and qualified experience, private security does more than just help in dangerous situations – they prevent it through vigilance.

Ultimately, hiring private security grants you an atmosphere of safety in public places that are otherwise anticipated to be under threat. With their vast experience, training, and sensitivity to their environment; you can trust private security as an asset in and out of danger.

Stadium Security

Security Officer Companies Secure Your Stadium Event

security officer companiesConsider the variety of events that are held at stadiums – international sports matches, live concerts, and political rallies to name a few. Now amidst all the excitement, chaos and heightened emotion, consider the possibility of danger and the extent of which things can go wrong without the presence and activity of security officer companies. As a big area of holding people, stadiums are prime targets for various types of attack and disruption.

The role of security officers at these big events are crucial for overall safety. From issues, such as crowd control, to response times for emergencies, security officers provide professional protection.

What situations call for security officer companies?

• Personal protection for celebrities and athletes
• Communication
• Crowd control
• Commanding presence
• Access point control

Personal protection for celebrities and athletes

Professional athletes who are playing sport for the spectators, or musicians who perform for the stadium crowd are often idolized by fans to the point of existing stalkers, or obsession. When a famous person holds this much attention, and is worth a lot of money, their lives are more at risk. Appearing in a public space where the gathering is focused on them increases this risk, and security officers add to their protection through their vigilance and training.


One of the skills that security officers are trained in is verbal communication. Effective communication is key to quelling potential violent or aggressive situations. In a stadium, where there are a lot of different people from different cultures, communication from an official security guard ensures smooth proceedings. Being able to verbally prevent disputes is a skill within itself. This communication is also needed in the ability to write reports after any instances, so that mishaps can be documented accurately.

Crowd control

A large gathering of people in a public place, where emotions are heightened (either due to sport, fandom, or music etc.), can lead to potential conflict. Add in a little bit of alcohol to reduce inhibitions and give people a little bit of extra arrogance, and there is a high likelihood of a fight breaking out, or some other form of disruption. Security officers are trained to handle this situation in an efficient way that causes least further disruption.

Commanding presence

Providing a safe environment and vigilance for any threats or potentially hostile situations are all results of security officers carrying a commanding presence. Training, knowledge and experience all add value to the presence of an officer and the general tone of safety is set.

Access point control

All stadiums have some form of security check upon entering. The extremity of it can range from metal detectors and bag searches to hand wanding techniques and other screening measures. In some cases, credentials may need to be produced. This is all done for the safety of the stadium, and prevent and dangerous or suspicious persons or objects from entering. A security officers verbal and vigilant skills, physical training, and experience makes them perfect for this post. Their commanding presence and ability to disperse anxiety is used tactfully to prevent any form of danger from entering the public space.

Hiring security officers for your event at a stadium is critical to the event success. Security officers establish safety guidelines, enforce security measures, manage staff and crowds, and respond efficiently to emergencies with their training, knowledge and experience.



Find The Right HOA Security Company

hoa security companies broward

Finding the Best HOA Security Company Checklist

Inter State Security Corp is a security company in Florida who provides security services to Dade, Broward amd Palm Beach counties to ensure your property is protected with quality officers and service. They can help you in finding the right security for your Home Owner Associations (HOA).

Finding the right HOA security company is no simple decision and you should consider a number of factors in order to guarantee the safety of residents as well as protect your HOA from unneccessary liability. An on-site inspection of your property is the first step in identifying the vulnerabilities and exposures of your property. Once you have identified the issues, you can plan a course of action and anticipate costs.

Checklist for Choosing the Right Security Company:

1. First establish your needs and wants

  • You need to identify what type of security and how much security you think you need and then research companies that can offer you what you are looking for.
  • Choose a security company that can offer customized support i.e. a company that will offer you specific recommendations based on your unique security needs and home layout.

2. Choose a company that uses high-quality technology

  • Your security system is only as good as the technology behind it. You should opt for a cellular system over a wired one – these systems do not rely on your telephone line to transmit emergency signals – which burglars often just cut.

3. 24/7 monitoring service is critical

  • There should be monitoring of your home when you are in and away from it.
  • You should also ensure the level of training offered to the professionals is up to standard and that the monitoring center of the security company is accredited.

4. The security company should offer quick and knowledgeable support

  • When or if something goes wrong, the company should be able to provide support and maintenance in an efficient and timeouts manner.
  • Research whether the company offers annual wellness inspections. Your company should provide an annual wellness visit to catch any problems before they lead to trouble e.g. cleaning of smoke detectors, checking back-up batteries and inspecting systems for signs of wear.

5. Ensure there are clear contracts and agreements

  • The benefit of signing a contract is that you can save money on the initial upfront price of the hardware.

6. Choose a well-rounded, innovative security company

  • Your security needs may change over-time so it is best to pick a well-rounded provider.
  • Companies that stay on top with the latest innovations are the ones that are able to evolve and keep your system relevant in the future.

Optimizing security is an HOA key concern and ensuring optimal security requires choosing a security company who can meet your needs and protect your property 24/7. Inter State Security Corp can offer you the right security service for your HOA to ensure that you are getting the best security services for your needs.


ISSC is fully licensed by the State of Florida.
State license numbers B2000009, A2000248.

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